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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy.......

Just doing what I don't rightly know.  I have been supervising Year 11/12 exams in the last couple of days but before that, I don't really know what I have been doing except I have been busy! I have made lots of Christmas cards, as well as a couple of birthday card - lot of people with a zero in their birth year this year - from 40 to 60!

this card was for my dear friend Adele - who is more than several years younger than me I might add! The front of this card used a paper that came as a freebie in a scrapbooking magazine.  I used a  rubber stamp I purchased that had to be mounted using EZfoam, one of about a dozen I got several years ago when I first began to stamp.  It is hard to ink up, as it has a very fine surface, and you need to stamp off several times before you can get a good image. A bit of ribbon, some bling and the numbers (American Craft Thickers - Prancer) and the outside was completed. It  had the somber feel I was after - and I then needed to make the inside brighter and more joyous!

Again, the paper was a freebie - it took me ages to locate what paper I wanted as I needed something light and expressing a sense of fun, but after trawling though all my papers and offcuts, this seemed perfect. I then began to stamp it.  I had stamped another of the flat rubber stamps, and again had trouble with it as it kept getting ink pooled into the corners but this would have to do.  I tried to use my corner stamp expressing delight (a clear polymer one got in the days when I didn't record the names of stamps or store them well) but the slight raised edge on the picture meant I didn't gt a clear stamp.  However the sentiment was OK - one of those funny ones from Ann-ticipations - and a few stickers to complete the picture!  Adele replied that she wasn't sure about going to heaven, but I think she will be OK!

The next birthday girl was ten years younger again! I think I am feeling my age......however, I struggled on and used another one of the flat rubber stamps and got a good clear image. Stamped using Basic Black from SU on cream paper (SU), and liked the clean look of the image on the thick cream paper by itself, so just left it 'centre stage' as it is. 

Again, I used a funny sentiment stamp inside, by stamping onto the insert. This one is from Inky Antics. Some sticker numbers and rub-on for the HB and it was done.

My third card in the zero's was for my friends 60th birthday.  Again, I went to my funny stamps, and used this Clear Art Stamp  from Shirly's2Girls (I love their stamps) for the card.

I used some paper from one of the Hot Off the Press Cardmaker's Instant Card booklets, and coloured the image with SU markers. I added a little bling to make it sparkle!

That's it folks - must rush, I have a meeting and then we are flying to Melbourne for a funeral!  Cheers,


Murray Kirkwood said...

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Look forward to hearing from you and friends.


Anonymous said...

Susan...first of all, glad you got all your goodies...and I love this is perfect for a birthday...or any time...and you rocked it...