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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

Claire Harrison has given me a Sunshine Blog Award.  Check out her blog as well, and find out all about it!

Thanks Claire!  I get really excited and silly when I find out someone has been looking at my blog!  I have just arrived home from Agfest (tell all tomorrow, but I got some stunning metal bits there for card making) and rushed to check my email - and that is why I am now blogging instead of unpacking and getting a meal ready!  Better go and feed to man, as he drove me there and back and walked round the grounds for 6 hours with me today!  However, I will be back tomorrow to 'share the love 'with some other blogs to link to and to share the sunshine award.

9.30:  I'm BACK!

Here are my recipients of the Sunshine Award - blogs I regularly follow for inspiration and to fire up the mojo.  These women are inspirational and full of energy - just what I need to keep me going!

Helllooo ladies! Hope you are all well and creating craftily!


Stamping Moments said...

Bless You, Thats very kind,

Thank you for takig the time to visit me,

love jenny x

KimB said...

Hi Susan,

thank you very much for the award. It's lovely to hear from someone who likes what I do.