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Monday, March 7, 2011

I have been a bit slack in posting....

Sorry about that but I have been busy, both crafting and other things.

On Saturday last (the 27th) my DH and I joined my brother and his wife, and just a few others (the number has been growing recently) who belong to the group of Old Scholars of the (now defunct) Bream Creek State School in Bream Creek, Tasmania. We went on another trip down memory lane for a lot of us, and a trip of interest for others.  The growing number of participants means that the local talk has deemed our trips enjoyable and fun, so people have asked to join us even though they did not attend the school.  The school in its heyday only had about 25 students in a year - ranging from Grades 1 - 9! Anyway, we went to the start of the Tasman Peninsular, to a property called 'Bangor' - yes, after the town in Wales - and visited the original site where Abel Tasman's crew set foot on Tasmania in 1642!  There is a monument there set up in the early 1900's and another stone one set up in the nearest town (Dunalley) in the 1950's as the property is of course private.  We "bush bashed" (walked in the bush) a bit and then went to a lovely beach for lunch and another walk. We had a great day together even though it was a bit chilly! Here are some of the photo's taken that day.

On the way in - looking out Blackman Bay to the back of Marion Beach

Over a small creek

Bush-bashing up a hill (usually no track)

Lost in the bush! 

Found the track to the monument

Found the monument - yes John was cold

Went to Lagoon Beach for lunch

The other end of Lagoon beach, looking back

We found a dyeing group there camping - and one woman was dyeing on the beach!

Some kelp!

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Ira said...

Thanks for these gorgeous pictures, makes me feel as if I was out there hiking with you guys, too :-) Have a lovely day, Ira