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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Whatcha got in your drawers?

I've got lots of goodies in mine! Spent the afternoon pretending I was cleaning up by tidying up my standing desk (where I do most of my craft work) by painting, gluing and papering with My Minds Eye - Confetti papers a small Kaiser set of drawers I have had for a while now but not done anything with......and then loaded it up as I cleaned off the desk space (told ya I was cleaning up!).  I think it looks sweet and the top of the desk did get a clean off and spruce over. I added the Kaiser locks but they are a bit big and make opening the drawers a bit hard but I am sure I will manage.

Don't look at it too closely as it is a bit rough. Hubbie certainly thought so - he was not that impressed with the painting etc.    BUT I'm happy!!!!


Debgem said...

Susan - you've been on a roll!! Love the cards you made yesterday. This little chest of drawers is just fabulous!

debby4000 said...

Oh it looks fab.

Anonymous said...

Lovely set of drawers. I must try something like this myself one day. I have that much stuff to organise, like everyone else. Don't show the hubby my work either, lol.