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Friday, December 2, 2011

Summer is Here.....

We have been on the big island for a fortnight, visiting family for various events and doing some travelling and sightseeing along the way. I have some photos to show you of places and people and events. We went to Canberra via the Hume highway after catching the night ferry across the Strait to Melbourne - it was a good crossing and we got an early start to Albury and were able to visit friends along the way, and stayed the night there.  We got into Canberra just as Obama was leaving!
Hume Weir - full of water flowing into the Murray River 

Canberra - looking at Parliament house from the steps of the War Memorial,  down the Avenue and over the lake
Our reason for going to Canberra was because our grandson Jack turned six!  He is very cute and so well behaved (mostly!) while we were there. His sister Lily, who is a delightful young lady,  was also a reason for our visit as we had to meet her new kitten Zap - he was very cute and funny. 

Jack eating his dinner!

Lily setting the table - notice she wrote the number of place settings on her hand!

While in the War Memorial I tracked down the position of my great-uncles James and William  on the honour boards  there of soldiers who died in WW1 - James died at Gallipoli and William died in France. I placed a poppy for each in remembrance.  So many died so heedlessly in both the world wars - our family name is Laugher - and it is pronounced Law. 

We then travelled to Melbourne, this time going across to the East coast of New South Wales, and travelling down the coast line visiting all the little villages - we stayed a night at Merimbula and another one at Lakes Entrance in Victoria before making our way into the city.  My sister-in-law Judy and her husband Ken were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, with a party - it was great fun!

The party was at home (catered for) and she is carrying the wedding bouquet  my husband gave her - a replica of the one 50 years ago. You can see they were married at 16!  However, I can assure you they are both over 70. 
My MIL was supposed to be there to help celebrate but the night before she got food poisoning! She ended up in hospital and is still there as I write this, but is feeling a lot better is not a little peed-off!

Not bad for 98 on Christmas Eve!
 We arrived home on Wednesday morning after another good ferry trip back across the ditch. We got all the washing done on Wednesday afternoon and it rained a bit yesterday (Thursday) which was a good way to do things - this beautiful rainbow appeared outside the back door yesterday afternoon! The pot(s) appear to be either in the water of the bay or in the bushland over the road - must take a shovel and go digging.......... 

The wedding card for the niece! 

The Anniversary card - it was a bit lumpy-bumpy so made a box for it .  That's a Marianne die cut if you're interested.  The colours are a bit washed out - the gold is richer and the green leaves darker.  


Sue W said...

Oh I loved reading about your trip and hope your poor MIL is feeling much better! What a thing to happen! How thoughtful of your husband to organise the lovely flowers for his sister.
Loved your beautiful cards too Susan......jusy perfect for both and I'm sure much admired~

Anonymous said...

Nice post about what you've been up to. I use to live in Albury and it has been many years since the Hume Wier was full, so I'm glad you put that one in. The War Memorial is always interesting, always! You're so funny - 'the big island', 'digging for pots', LOL.