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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Snow and a Puppy!

Just a few photo's to make you shiver a bit more! It snowed on our mountain this week - but still our temps did not drop below about 2 beside the river. Sun is out today and it is one of those beautiful blue days you get in winter. Off the radio station soon (Radio for the Print handicapped) to record some short stories I culled from the net for a program called Far and Wide, and then to Government House for a Reception this evening to mark 30 years of the stations existence! Busy day. No time to craft today!

Sunday/Monday - it was cold on the balcony taking this but I did only have on my nighty and it was only about 9.00 am!

A close up

Frenchman's Cap - the the right of the mountain!

Mountain and river and houses next door -  the first one with the balcony is for sale - only $1.2 million! It is snowing a bit more later in the day.

The next day was clearer and warmer - some snow already melted.

See - a blue winter's day!

Then a photo of the latest aquisition in our family - our eldest grandaughter has purchased a puppy! Name of Sam! Cute eh!


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Oh brrrr! Chilly here too. Couldn't get my windscreen wipers to work on my car this morning and the water in the outside taps were frozen solid. So cold. Lovely pics of the mountain. :)

marion said...

Lovely pictures and Sam is soooo cute, love him, give him a big hug. Hugs, Marion

Jenny said...

What amazing photos. How lucky are you (even tho' you are a bit chilly) x

Sue W said...

Oh my.....I;ll stop complaining about the cooler weather that sure looks COLD!!!! Love the little puppy though.....too cute!