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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hope you haven't been blown away!

I hope all those on the East Coast of USA were not blown away with Sandy, and are doing OK without power and other facilities. Watching it on TV over the last few days has been interesting, especially as we can say "we know where that is" when seeing footage.  Trick and Treat will be a bit of a disaster as well I expect! Anyway, to those who do celebrate All Hollows Night, Happy Halloween!

We had a great spring day yesterday, with the temp getting up to 25 and no wind.  Hubby has just had his second cataract op in a fortnight, and is looking OK, despite them have to put a few stitches in yesterday to draw his eye down on the bottom (cheek) side - he has ingrown eyelashes and they were annoying the eye a bit. 

I will have some card to share soon - having been making christmas cards and playing and hubby wants me to do my tax, so the pressure is on! 

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