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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Purple Team Time Again for Eclectic Ellapu

Happy November!

Hello everyone - isn't Spring lovely? I love Autumn too so for all those reading who are travelling into Autumn, this is not a competition. It is just that I have been driving around the last few days and the Hawthorn hedges are loaded with blossom, and all the gardens are full of Roses, Clematis, Rhodos and Camellias and the grass is still green.......very pretty!

The current challenge over at Eclectic Ellapu for the Purple Team is 

Altered Art

I am quite a novice at altered art but for quite a while I have been keen to dip in a toe in the altered book/mixed media thing and so decided to do that. Hubby purchased an old book for me at the local tip shop - forgot to tell him to get a thinish one! The rest of this post is mostly pictures and there are a lot of them -so a cuppa or drink of choice might be an idea!

I think he thought this was an amusing title to get me!

No, I didn't read any instructions at first - yes, I did later - yes, flying by the seat of one's pants is not a good idea! I glued together with gesso a wad of pages on both sides of the 'canvas' I was going to use and dried it (them). I made an error and taped the centre strip  - won't be doing that again.

I don't have Dylusional Paint sprays or similar  but I do have some Tattered Angels and some 'odds and sods' so used them

A bit of splattering with water add ink and paint as it dried

The stencil work with texture pastes - the flowers were done with a microbead paste - yummy. I was going to colour them but as this all dried the pastes drew in the colours of the sprays, so I just left them as it was, except for a bit of definition inks using TH Sooty Black mostly.

The longer I waited the more colour they adsorbed.

While they were drying, I stamped out some flowers and painted them with Dylusional Paints - this is where I discovered a little bit goes a very, very long way......

After painting the flowers I fussy cut them out and took to them with a white gel pen, as well as trying to give them some form with the stylus.

I covered another sheet of 12 x 12 with the paint left over but it all ran in together and became a bit murky after a while so I waited until it dried and gave it a spray with an iridescent gold spray - very sparkly now! I used it to punch out some birds and twigs and butterflies to add to my pages

Looks lacy doesn't it - lots of dimension going on here!

I scribbled some messages about love and its meaning around the spaces with a black fine pen, and added some TH words

Night time shot on desk

Day time shots outside

As a first attempt I was pretty happy with it. It has a lovely Spring feel to it.

If you want to play around or you are into altered art, 
why not make a project for Eclectic Ellipu this month! 

Scroll down to the Purple Team post and find your linky there


Chrissy said...

Absolutely gorgeous the colours and your tutorial was excellent..the flowers and birds are fabulous..


Anonymous said...

A great mixed media project. Interesting to know the paste absorbs the colour for a while.

Wynn Walton said...

This was a fascinating read. Might just have to start playing and have a go with is. Where are you going to display it? Love the night time shot by the way. Luv Wynn x