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Friday, January 8, 2010

Time, it sure does fly................

Whew! Is it that long ago since I posted!!! Guess I better get back to a routine and start posting in a more regualr manner. What have I been doing? Well, making over 120 Christmas cards for ourselves and getting them posted out, as well as over 30 for other people; celebrating granddaughter's birthdays; and family Christmas both here and in Melbourne; organising these same things and getting the Santa presents ready and wrapped; celebrating my MIL's 96th birthday as well on Christmas Eve; then my HUB's 75th on the 30th; entertaining visitors and house guests; gardening; nothing; volunteering (did you know I won a boy's 24" bike in a raffle over Christmas from the hospital where I volunteer? Out grandson will benefit from that eventually!); reading.........guess that is how the time goes!

So a collage of photo's from that time:

Sunset from the lounge room

Portulaquer's (??!) in the tub in the carport

Tassie really is a beautiful place - Marion Bay from the Wylanta Road - where I grew up!

The winning boat (over the line) in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, tied up in Hobart - Alpha Romeo and the inside of the shed at the Taste of Tasmania Food Festival - there were lots of tables outside as well. Lovely grub and wines.....this was just after Boxing Day, before the New Year and is an annual event (both of them!).  Over the next two days all the ret of the various fleets of racing boats came in - the Launceston to Hobart and the Melbourne to Hobart, and the whole area was a sea of masts and boaties!

My 14 yr old Granddaughter's birthday card - thanks to Lynda's Mum (Crafty Squirrel) that I can make these......

Some of the Christms cards I made - if you want the name of the stamps and embellishments/papers, please contact me, but I am not going to write them in at this stage.

Ready to send out the cards - I shifted to my Dining table to do it as it was such a big job; took me all day!

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