Monday 26 July 2021

Art and All That Jazz - Unstampabelles July challenge

 Add in the TWIST of mixed media

Hi Peeps

I just love this college image from 
Romare Bearden: Collage Portraits 
and thought I would try and have a go at it too. 
It might be familiar as it was featured at Unstampabelles for the last two weeks

Mine is unique but very similar

I started by searching Google images for things I might need and then trying to judge the size I might need for them. Apart from the musical instruments which I had to reprint larger I did alright with my eying them off. The original image is in the top right hand corner and I wanted mine to fit on the whole page of the journal

I started by tearing off strips of scrap paper and making a sort of background 
and then Modge Podging them to the page. 

Once I had the background started I cut out four oval (ish) faces from Reflex computer paper to begin my musicians. Next I had to check the hat's fitted them so I added the hats and photographed it when I was happy with the placement so I could remember it for later. I pencilled in the faces (sort of) after I had glued the faces down.

I then thought I could use the Marzipan Twists from Jane and began  sketching in the figures and adding colour to the faces but I ended up wielding a tissue and wiping off the residue as this was not going to work, so I went to the Uniquely Uniqolour Water Colour Markers and yesss....they worked well. 

Oh, I cut the eyes out of the male images and glued them on my faces and then sort of drew the rest of the features from there

In the middle of this I heard rustling and looked up from my standing desk to see peeking through the back at me ...Mr Curiosity! As I had the camera ready, he got snapped before removed!!! Can you see that little black face?

The next step was to colour and paint in the faces of the men, using Jane Davenport paint pens and Uniquely w/c pens plus some Posca white ink and Jane's black paint pens

Then I began some serious cutting out of scrap paper to collage some clothing, glueing them down and  drawing in various accessories such as ties and artists their clothing reflects their eclectic tastes!

The hat's went back on too, permanently this time, and I began outlining things before adding the musical instruments

I had to add sleeves too and that was interesting....

The hands were the last thing - lifting up the instruments and reglueing them was tricky but I got the hands to mostly look attached and in place.

I did a bit of background work with the w/c paint and added some fine lines and writing: oh, and the drum sticks.....

The bottom one was taken outside to get away from the effect of the light bouncing across the Modge Podge but it is a bit dark. 

This was in direct light and a better look

I worked on it over two afternoons so it dried well inbetween

Meanwhile Bingo found another way to entertain himself on the floor....

Currently he is sitting on the keyboard and making life interesting.

You don't have to go to as much trouble as this to create something for the challenge over at Unstampabelles but in saying that I did enjoy the mess and felt quite chuffed at my ability to recreate a piece of multimedia art.

Monday 19 July 2021

I played with a white rabbit for Unstampabelles this week!

 Hello Peeps - welcome to mid July. Hope you are dry, cool, healthy, warm, safe and inspired to craft!

Today I am sharing a piece in my journal inspired by some sidewalk (pathway) art by David Zinn, for the challenge at Unstampabelles

Art and all that Jazz   

with a TWIST of multi media

I saw it on Pinterest and just fell in love with it - this is my version!

I used Stampin' Up inks and Jane Davenport paint pens, some lace and some flowers, plus a Sharpie pen for thin black lines

Here is my dancing rabbit.....

Firstly I used some w/c card and swiped some ink across the card as in photo

The grey ink was painted in later on the top section

I then sprayed the card with water to get dots

He is the inspiration piece - isn't she fabulous!
The moment when a wall meets the footpath and some greenery growing there provides her tutu!
I sketched in the rabbit with a pencil - straight copying

This was the result after a first application of white paint pen.....

Then I used some colour - I chose to go away from the colour in the original to make her more mine

I found some daisy lace ....hmmm...might work.....

Added some green flowers (leaves) behind and it worked.......

Then I put her in the journal and added a border and a statement

I really enjoyed doing this - fun!

Let's see what you can do for the challenge at Unstampabelles!

Monday 5 July 2021

Challenge #113 at Unstampabelles is Art and all that Jazz

The new challenge at Unstampabelles this month is

July - Art and all that Jazz

TWIST: multi-media piece

Recently I got some new colouring crayons called Marzipan Twists, created by Jane Davenport
I do love Jane's stuff and I am gradually building up a collection of mediums
These are a really creamy, soft, vibrant coloured crayon that can be smooched or have water added to them to move them around
Today I chose to play with a Jane girl (already drawn on card) and colour her in to see how the crayons responded to me and if I liked using them......the answer is a great big YES!

I got both sets but these are more the face/skin tones
(The corn advert is to cut the glare spot - it is raining and gloomy and so photo's were taken inside)

You can see the image is about an A6 size

I used the crayons for colour and my finger of these little sponge tips (from Jane) to smooth the colour onto the card
I added some white and black inks as well 

She reminded me of the matches girl (Redheads) so I made her with red hair....

Then I used the Ladybird Dotters to create an easy background 

They are so easy to use and if you tap them hard they also splat for you....

Then I added the page into one of my art journals and sort of created a mess around the edges.....
There is torn washi tape and other washi tape plus some doodling 

I am happy with her as is and I learnt a lot about the way these crayons work without using water on time I will try water on them and see what eventuates. 

Happy crafting

Saturday 3 July 2021

Playing with some new Stampin' Up stuff

 Hello Peeps
I have been playing over the last couple of weeks with some new SU items

You have seen the first card - last week maybe?
Just using DP and a rub on and creating a flower with an old die

I used a stamping set that I won recently for the next few
Set up the stamps on a big block and used them three times in 3 different ways

Stamped with a dryish Stayz On black stamp pad and then sponged with some of the new in-colours for 2021-22: the set is called Enjoy the Moment

Stamped with Archival ink and allowed to dry and then used a Versamark pen over the images and clear embossed them before tearing a sheet of paper and using it as a mask to paint the inks  - a bit like a small stream

This technique is called Black Ice
I was supposed to use Stayz On but initially thought I didn't have any and used Archival
Allowed to dry for 24 hours before I discovered I had SO ink after all - but my pad was not wet enough
I dragged it across and used the Versamark and clear embossing powder and it looks kinda grungy
We did it again in a class  with the proper ink and the other's all turned out well - it has a glassy look to the foil

Made a shaker using the Circle Celebration stamp set and some masking
This has all the colours of the new in-colours but the photo was taken at night so it is a bit yellow....

Looks OK though irl

This one was for a family member
I used Viva Los Vegas stamps....
and a gelly plate background

WARNING bad language.....

Not wonderful and mostly cached but that is way I run these days with limited time....