Monday, February 11, 2019

Week Two in February for Unstampabelles!

The only thing you can say is WOW!

A fiery sunset from Dodges Ferry thanks to TAB & H Photography TAS - by Leoni Williams who says:
"Sunsets are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get"

Such beauty - but the smoky atmosphere at the time added to the drama of the setting sun.
Dodges is about an hour away from here - or maybe less.
It is a favorite swimming beach in summer.

Unstampabelles have a new February Challenge#86:
Simply Bright and Cheerful TWIST Arty Creations Appreciated

There will be a prize for this month
$15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

For this week, I made a gift voucher container - or money or even a small gift
I used SU papers and card
As well I used an SU die to create the small bag.
I diecut two strips of hearts in the front panel before taping it up

I added some card behind each heart strip before taping it up as well....

This is the back

Then I created a tag to go inside and added some decorations to the front

You can see the tag here - I added a diecut sentiment to it as well

The ribbon and the sentiment both come with the die set
Mini Treat Bags Thinlets

Something bright and cheerful!
Why not go over to Unstampabelles and check out what is there already and then have a go yourself!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Welcome to February!

Happy Valentine's Day

While not celebrated traditionally in Australia it is gradually gaining more traction....this is a truly Tasmanian take on the occasion. Fairy Penguins nest in many places around the island coastline.
These two come from the North West Coast. 

Fairy kisses from #86little penguins.
A little bit (a lot actually) of cuteness overload from Tassie north-weat coast thanks to Jamie Richey.

Hello Peeps - today I am showcasing a new project made for my Unstampabelles Challenge blog. The theme for the challenge (and the twist) is:

#86:Simply Bright and Cheerful 
TWIST Arty Creations Appreciated

This could be for Valentines or for any other special occasion

There will be a prize for this month
I will offer a $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

I decided if it was to be Arty, then PAINT was involved, so I got out my Dylusional Paints - yummy - and began!

WARNING: photo heavy!

I keep a scrap book of interesting (to me) images and instructions to keep my mojo in good order!
This image of the flower from hearts on a tag was the starting point I used to make my tag...

I was given a new type of garlic crusher (beats my old smooth stone) for Christmas and it was attached to this big piece of cardboard. I painted it with heavy white Gesso. The crusher, by the way, works well!

While that was drying, I got out the Dylusions and covered a sheet of heavy White card (SU), using a variety of methods. When it dried I sprayed water on it as well. I mooshed up several colours. 

The card with the gesso did not dry as fast as I wanted it to so I had a go with the heat gun and the paint bubbled! I decided I really liked that so kept on doing it all over. Once it really was dry, I sponged blue paint over the top allowing some white to show through.

I used a stencil (these all come from D'Lish) and some Texture Paste to add some additional texture

Meanwhile I had punched out some flowers from the painted card and some leaves from the green bit - it was still a bit wet when I started some leaves and I had to stop and wait to get a good crisp punched outline.

 I had cut some stalk strips too and some grass. I drew the grass first and fussy cut! I was having a great time!!

I painted a yellow circle in the middle of the punched flowers and used a black fine pen to go around that. I used white ink in the same way - a fine paintbrush and a dab!

I arranged the flowers and the grass in a similar way to my inspiration piece. I added some yellow ribbon and some text. This was printed off my computer and glued with double sided jac paper before being cut up and then stuck onto the tag. 

I like the rustic feel! 
I had also painted the back with white gesso and when it dried I then 
added some paper so that I could write a message on it. 

Also the recipient can then take the message off and 
restick a new sheet and then reuse the tag!

 I didn't shape the flowers as I wanted it to look a bit flat.

 I did add some glitter glue to the yellow centres but it is very hard to see
- this is the best I can do...

Thursday, January 31, 2019

More Trellis work....

The atmosphere was cooler this morning and it rained a bit overnight, but it was still very smoky here in the morning. However, around 4 it cleared a bit with a stiff southerly - so fires are now moving north I guess - which has blown the smoke away up the river valley. I took this shot outside just before I sat to do this. 

However, I have also made another card using the Climbing Rose set from SU

My trellis is not straight! Bugger!

Stamped image underneath and coloured with w/c pencils
Die cut trellis and glue down over coloured image
Stamped 6 small roses and w/c'ed them and then diecut them also
Diecut five sets of leaves - arrange the roses and leaves on top of the trellis
Stamped the sentiment

Mounted the whole on card and then onto folded card

Quite pretty!

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Roses are still Blooming

Even tough it is mid January, roses are coming into a final last flush again. In the funny, smoky red sunlight today, mine looked amazing. All the colours of the flowers in the garden seem enhanced in this strange orange haze. I didn't take any photo's of them though as they are getting a bit passed it.....

The view outside last night - the smoke was so thick. 

My two tuberous Begonias - so pleased they flowered again this year. Isn't that yellow intense. 

A friend's brother passed away so I had to make a sympathy card
I used the new SU Climbing Roses set to create this but the rectangles were non SU (Scrap Dragon and an old Nellies)) and this trellis is from Memory Box. I used the SU markers to colour this with as well and there is some die cutting and some fussy cutting involved as well. 

There is also some layering up

The die set has a trellis in it but it is quite big gaps so I used this one instead for this piece

After the sadness, a happy picture of the Beast recovering on the couch from a big game hunt where he actually got a baby bird. He was pee'd off because I took it away from him and actually bit me - we had severe words as a result! Don't think he was that scared by the threats of retribution..........

Naughty Mr Weasley!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Happy Australia Day!

A slightly different photo today!
Not really the colours of Australian sporting teams but....

Plenty of colour at Cornelian Bay thanks toCassandra Leigh who says:
Combine bushfires, a northwest wind, and sunset, serve with boat sheds and a side of yacht. Hobart was engulfed in smoke from a couple of bushfires yesterday but it made for some beautiful colours.

Last week Hubby and I went to lunch at a lovely restaurant just to the left of this photo,and sitting inside we looked out on a clear blue sunny day at the boat sheds above. The bay to the top right is Lindisfarne and our bay, Geilston, is just to the left out of the picture. This is the smoky atmosphere we endured a few days ago and there will be more coming over the long weekend as there are over 40 bushfires in the state now. Most of them are in the National Parks so they are hard to reach and hard to fight. We have people from the mainland and New Zealand here helping and a large contingent of flying machines dumping water on the fires as well. while we are not in danger except from smoke everyone is on a short fuse and agitated, including the animals. It is expected to be 40 on Friday and strong winds - just what we don't want!!!

Here is a map of what was happening at 9 am Thursday morning


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Happy 2019 to all!

Hello - thought I should remind people I am about!

It has been a wonderful summer here in Lindisfarne to date - albeit with a few bushfires in the National Parks with smoky days and windy days thrown in. We need it to rain of course, but the garden is not doing too badly - we are lucky compared to the central and northern areas of Australia where the heat wave is bring temps of over 40 degree's day after day. As I write this it is currently 26 degrees here and that will probably be the maximum.  We have been quite social and visited friends and family and they have visited with us. 

This photo popped up in my Facebook feed and it intrigued me.
Are you the kookaburra or the snake?

This kookaburra caught himself a stokes sea snake. The food chain is alive and well!
Photo by Joey Jo Jo at Bushland Beach, Queensland | ABC Open

I have been cleaning up after the Christmas splurge and getting rid of stuff - interspersed with making something when I come across some item or similar that inspires me to have a go. Here are some of them made from Freebies and scraps:

Practicing with my SU watercolour pencils

Using the stamp block and some TH Distress ink and a spray bottle of water to create a background for the frog

Similar technique used below

Copic pens practice in colouring in

This ribbon came off a Christmas present (Dior perfume)

I liked this technique - the small embossing folder strip came with the stamp and this is three different parts of it highlighted with some sponged ink to show the images - cute huh?

I just embossed three bits of scrap SU Whisper White and after selecting the area I wanted, smooched some SU ink around with a sponge 

I have thrown out lots of magazines and collated the bits that I want to keep from the freebies but I still have a long way to go!

I have lots of SU stamp sets (old) that I want to get rid of so I might have a big sale here soon.

I have created some more space which is a good thing as my passion for buying craft stuff has not diminished!!! 

I might make something with the stash soon!!!
Until then - Happy crafting!

Monday, December 24, 2018

It's the little things.....

Image result for christmas wishes images

Think you are finished and then - wham! Finally got my WiFi back and the problem was diagnosed as a faulty modem - and a new one was duly sent to me. When I set it up - lost the  land  line! Ring help - you have the wrong modem and need a new one. Will send it after Christmas. Reconnect the old one and see if it still works - it does! BUT no wireless in the house. Out comes the trusty paperclip and reset and guess what - it worked again!

While I was still under the allusion that a real-life technician was going to be visiting, I thought I had better clean up the craft room - that is where the modem is placed. One day later - clean workspace: still no technician!

Meanwhile, time had slipped away! Cards were all done and sent - oh, did we send that one? Do we need to get something for this person? Well, thank you, that was lovely of you - (quick, have we got something to reciprocate?) know the drill. Bragged I had finished, didn't I - serves me right really. Such a fun time of the year as we get lots of invites and catch up with folks we haven't seen in ages - swap photo's and stories of families and current lives and promise to not wait until a whole year has passed before we do it lovely food and have special treats so the waistline expands even further as well!

All that to say I have no inspiration to show you that is paper based - although it is based on a piece of baking paper!

My new oven has not in the past made good meringues (pavlova's) so I did some experimenting with different recipes - I made two; the first one started slow and the oven was then turned up high - it burnt. You can see it burning in the photo - most of it made a Eton Mess for dessert. I used the three egg yolks to make real custard!

The second one was a low temperature for an hour and then turn off and leave. 
The recipe is from NZ and it worked in my oven!
It was a four egg meringue and so Hubby and I had scrambled eggs for breakfast!

The point is, I have not scrapped the photo of the meringue yet - it will be creamed and piled with seasonal berries before served and photographed then. So for now these photo's will have to do....too hot to eat Plum Pudding in Tasmania at Christmas time - and meringue is traditional here now!

The Unstampabelles challenge is still running until the 28th December