Monday, 22 November 2021

Hi Peeps

It's the last week over at Unstampabelles of the latest challenge

#117: November: Colour my World 

TWIST: make it colourful

You have five days to get an entry in

I made two quick Christmas cards (surprisingly) for this

Al Stampin' Up product too

Switch out the colours - using up scraps off desk

There we are - two more for the basket

Some die cutting and a bit of gluing and it was done!

Go on over to Unstampabelles and enter the November Challenge

Monday, 15 November 2021

Challenge#117: Colour My World - Midway at Unstampabelles

 Both the theme and the TWIST at Unstampbelles this month is about Colour and lots of it!

As it is November, I am trying to get my cards made without too much procrastination (its not working that well) and so take any opportunity to make a Christmas card.

I started by smooching some ink around, leaving the centre of my card empty

I used SU's Misty Mountain blue

Then I die cut some trees from scraps of green card and the word JOY for a scrap of red card
I used TomBow to glue them onto the base
That is a silicon pad and a sponge - glue is squeezed onto the pad and smeared over the object to be stuck down. It is easy, especially for fiddly bits. 

I added some bling as well and it was done

The lightest green has a bit of sparkle going on too
Mounted onto a white card base

You too can be coulourful

Go for it! There are two weeks left!

Monday, 8 November 2021

Unstampabelles challenge #117: Colour My World

 Hi Peeps

Just a quick one - for the Unstampabelles Challenge

#117: November: Colour my World 

TWIST: make it colourful

A card, overseen by the new Office Manager...

I started with my Diane W Scribble Sticks and some SU watercolour paper,  a spray bottle and a sponge......

Love the scribble sticks!

Once I had dried the paper, I die cut some trees using the SU Whimsical Trees dies

The I selected the ones I wanted to build the card up

I added a Uniquely Creative sentiment and some bling.....

Not the brightest of colours but colourful nevertheless....

Thanks for looking! 
See you over at Unstampabelles!

Monday, 25 October 2021

Unstampabelles Challenge #116: Everyone has a Story


It's the last week for the Unstampabelles challenge 

#116: Everyone has a Story             


TWIST: use a page from a book somewhere in your piece

I created a card for this and it too tells a story about exploring - whether it be between the pages of a book where the ideas take you sailing away - or actually exploring other places.

I love exploring - even if it is the garden.

(Just a quick word - it was raining fit to bust last week when I made this card and I just opened the workshop door and propped the card up on some woodworking machinery in the light for the photographs. The garden outside the door looked amazing in the rain so I took a couple of quick photo's of that too - you cannot see the weeds!)

Some pink rhodo, red tulips and yellow a native daphne and a rose bush, along with some random other plants and cacti; and under the orchids next to the stairs, four tomato plants!

Anyway, back to exploring - I also explored Pinterest and saw this card and a series of others by the same artist, Birgit. I love her work and this card is similar to one of hers......

First I drew and cut our the sticky note to smooch the ink onto the card to create the shape I wanted - an open book or a big wave from the sea... then I sponged the ink where I wanted it to go. I cut out a cloud and edged it with ink as well 

I photocopied a page from the Penguin English Dictionary on travel and used part of this sheet under my topper on the card. I sponged ink onto that page as well. I diecut the word 'explore' and added it to the cloud and mounted the cloud onto the topper before adding my little metal yacht. It is so evocative and so simple. Love it.

Birgit used 'hello' but I tied it into my theme with explore....

My line is not as crisp as hers between the sea and sky but you get the idea

I was looking to add something else but realised that it needed nothing else to tell the story.

You can find the challenge over at Unstampabelles and you have five days to enter.

Monday, 11 October 2021

Unstampabelle's latest Challenge #116: Everyone has a Story with a TWIST of using a page from a book

 Hello Peeps

I decided to use my journal for this challenge and I thought about the challenge theme

#116: Everyone has a Story  

TWIST: use a page from a book somewhere in your piece

I have always loved to travel and with the pandemic this has been put on the backburner
I particularly loved to see doorways - and imagine what was happening behind them.....
and the Mediterranean area is full of wonderful, intriguing doorways....
So I painted a doorway using Jane Davenport's lovely Sushi Roll paints - rich and beautiful.

Then I remembered I needed to have used a page from a book in the TWIST so I photocopied a page from my Penquin Dictionary and cut out the relevant section about doorways and fixed it in place.  


Of course I have copied this from a picture. I painted it first

Then I used my Copic pen fineliner to create the detail

I didn't have a blue in the Sushi's that was the Med blue so used a w/c pen from the Unicolor Set

Once I had completed the drawing I put it into the journal and journalled around it a bit before deciding it needed a border 

I hope that will suffice!

Before I go, Happy Birthday last week to Mr Weasely, who turned 4!

Monday, 27 September 2021

Last Week for Unstampabelles in September

 Hello Peeps!

This is the last five days of the Unstampabelles September challenge - Greetings and Salutations and I made a card for the DT. A Christmas card! My first for 2021. 

Spring had arrived the day I made this - there was sun, rain, wind, snow and more sun all day. Ignoring the weeds - this is the first of the orchids blooming in the space outside the workshop door....I have about 25 pots of orchids and about 12 spikes at this stage. I must feed them before they all bloom!

this challenge requires a background stencil, so I got out the old pizza box I use for sprays and began with some TH stencils and sprays. I used SU Whisper White card for this.

Red and green seemed appropriate for Christmas.......after I set the box up to eliminate spray drift on the desk using waste paper

I decided it needed a golden touch so went to Dylusions Yellow too

Because there is a lot of spray on the top of the stencils, rather than just mop it up with paper towel, I used a piece of w/c paper to soak up as much as possible to be used later in a project, then used the paper towel to mop up the rest.

I was left with these two and chose the rhs one for the card - trimming it up left me with some nice bits for later work. 

This green spotted card has been laying on the desk for nearly a year - finally used it.
The greeting is embossed on SU Whisper White and a sponge with red ink lightly applied across the top
I think it is very vintage - maybe the 60's?

A bit of gold thread, some mounting and bling finished it off.

You have five days left to enter!

Monday, 13 September 2021

Unstampbelles newest Challenge : Salutations and Greetings with a TWIST of stencilled background

 Hi Peeps - welcome to week 2 over at Unstampabelles where the current September Challenge is 

Salutations and Greetings TWIST stencils in background

I made a couple of cards with one idea I had

I used some Paper Rose stencils I have and the ink is Stampin' Ups latest in-colours
I used sponges to apply the ink through the stencils onto some white card
(SU Whisper White)

I love how you can get depth into areas by applying more ink and it gives s 3 dimentional look

When I was happy with the result, I cut the pieces to size and made a card with each one.....

I love the backgrounds this created

A Kaiser topper and I cut the candles out of scrap card, adding the flames with some smooch paint (red)
Plus bling!

My COVID card went to family in Canberra and was a great hit.
The sentiments come from Uniquely Creative
I fussy cut those Covid germs and my hands knew it for at least 24 hours.......

The wonkiness of the background goes well with the theme

Lets see how you approach the theme and TWIST for the Unstampabelles Challenge!

Sunday, 5 September 2021

Need for a Thank You Card or Two

 I need to send out a few thank you cards and so I made a couple of small ones to slip in with some photographs as a Thank You to various people. 

I used a Die-Namics die set by MFT called In Focus Floral Frames which I had gotten from Bizzy Becs a few weeks ago and they subsequently had been buried under a whole pile of papers until recently!

What a lovely find!

I die cut out all four in white card and mounted them onto various circles of scrap DSP floating on my desk. The cards are made from leftover white card and are all 4 x 4 cms, folded.

This size is useful as it can be a gift card or just a small card to tuck into something and I am planning on printing off some photo's and sending them to people with the card as a Thank You for attending my party last month.

I stamped each with the Thank You stamp from SU's new Nature's Harvest Set

In retrospect I should have dropped them down lower on the cards to allow more room for the circles. I had to trim several to make them fit better.

I added a bit of bling to each as well.

The gold one has a shimmer going on but is missed in these shots

All different but the same......

Bizzy Bec no longer has this die set on her site but if you tell her the name she can order it in for you asap - takes about four weeks to arrive. 

Monday, 23 August 2021

Last Week for Unstampabelles Challenge #113: It's all About Me

 The TWIST for the Unstampabelles challenge is a self-portait 

BUT nobody said it had to be accurate!

I used a piece I had done for my journal, playing with a gell plate, some acrylic paint and a stencil

She is my muse.....

I used w/c card for this and it gave it a texture of dots
White ink and some marks with stencils and sponged on ink

The quote was typed up and printed off and then cut to suit the page before glueing into place. 

I learned a new technique and played with paint again.


Monday, 16 August 2021

It's all been about me this last two weeks!

 Hello Peeps - I had a big birthday and so I have been celebrating with friends and not doing what I need to do. Needless to say, all good things have to end.....

I had to create something for Unstampabelles based on the theme

All about Me

with a TWIST of a probably self portrait

So...I created a mini album for some photo's taken at a party on Sunday

I started with some old DT paper from Stampin' Up that had a look of the period when High Tea was common, as my party was a High Tea with 11 of my girl friends who could make it in these days of quarantine and isolation

As the papers were only 12 x 12, I had to add two together to make the album long enough, and to giv me a fold back to close the album

I based it on an album I had made in a class in 2019 using a brown paper bag....but of course I used DP papers and made up my own measurements


Lots of photo's ahead!!!!

To create a place to add pages to the middle of the album, I cut and folded in half vertically several strips of white card. The you just stick them together until you have enough to make the number of pages you require

You can see here I have sort of got about 4 individual strips - I think I ended up with five.

Then you cut the pages out - I mine in different sizes; some similar to the album size
 and others smaller

I used 2 sided tape to add them to the dividers

Hopefully you get the idea!

I used some plain card too and two small pieces - I had about 8 bigger pages and several smaller ones
I then added some washi tape around the edges of the album cover.

My family is a little different - we didn't have a birthday cake but a birthday platter of cheese and dip!
I decided to put that on the front page and as I was 70 that had to go on too!

I put in the photo's and then it was a matter of just finding stuff to add to embellish the photo's 

The 70 is a cardboard piece wet embossed with gold sparkle
The HB banner has been chewed in one end by Bingo - I added it anyway

Some little pieces to add notes to the album - then open the first page and.......

The table looked beautiful and the people at the table were all good friends and family members

This is me - left side. Red curly hair and green jacket
There were a pile of presents on the table when I arrived - they were told not to bring anything but didn't listen.....they were all on the floor behind me at this stage

The little pocket has in it a copy of the speech made by a friend and the words to the song that they sang to me - to the tune of Raindrops on Roses!

I got some lovely bunches of flowers too that week and took photo's of them to show the senders so I added them to the album

The back of the album

So, an album all about me!

What can you come up with for the challenge at Unstampabelles!