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Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's HOT and muggy here, and overcast.....but I'm thinking Easter

I have the fan going in the craft room and the air conditioner going upstairs and I am still HOT. However, the washing is dry and the vegies are growing - there have to be some consolations!

I purchased several rolls of ribbon somewhere lately - I think it was K Mart - in an acetate box with a card inserted in the top to hold it all in place which told you who made it etc.  When I took out the ribbon rolls, I found the template for this was easily copied and conceived the idea of making an insert for Easter and filling the box with eggs for a gift. The insert had a small box on the top and then a long flap that inserted down one side of the box, leaving three sides clear to view the contents.  I then also took the box apart and copied the template for that as well with the idea of making some more boxes from scratch and not just recycling!  All I need to do is find out where I can get some acetate. I have a limited number of Easter stamps, so used them  - and here it is:
This is the original insert which I used as a template

This is my insert, looking at it from underneath - I thought I could write on the long down piece

Sorry this is blurred but this is the other side of the down piece and will be viewed from outside the box

This is the top of the insert, and will be viewed from through the top of the box

And this is what the box looks like with the insert but without the goodies at this stage. 

I put a bit of yellow card around the sides of the top but you could write greetings or do more stamping.  I used some DCWV Adhesive paper prints scrap to back the stamped image on the down strip.  The stamp was purchased at the $2 shop a few years ago and I coloured it with SU pens and then put some glue on the chicks and sprinkled various colours of glitter over each one to make them shine a little! The top image is from a rubber stamp that was a freebie several years ago from the magazine Craft Stamper (from the UK - I have a subscription to this now and the stamps are now polymer and are original designs from some of the better stamp designers in the UK - I love getting it each month). The image was also coloured with SU pens and the card is SU Whisper White.

I made another Easter card as well, from a template I looked up on the Splitcoaststampers site. It is a 'case'  from Crafty Squirrel.  Again, I was limited with the stamps available, and the card I used is too thin really to support this shape but I will make it again now I know how to do it. I stuffed up the sentiment section and had to cover over the mistake with paper and just wrote on the paper piece rather than stamp anything - I really need to get some good Easter stamps! The circle contains an image from the silly chicks, cut out and glued onto SU Whisper White, and then onto a circle in SU Riding Hood Red.  The kissing chicks were similarly layered and both images were coloured in using SU markers. The paper is scrap from somewhere and the yellow card is from a pile given to me - and I have no idea of maker.  It is not as strong as SU card however.

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