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Friday, March 5, 2010

My Workspace

I thought I would brag a bit about my space -which is not used wisely and is full of "stuff" and does not show the area where the painting gear is stacked or the books or the bed covered with albums and completed cards and boxes and other "stuff"! However, here it is:

This first photo shows the paper stacks and the ribbon and embellishment storage, including the new Kaiser Storage Drawers that I covered with SU DP called Bali Breeze (probably discontinued now). Sitting on top of that is the ribbon dispenser I put together last year. Underneath them are the Howards wire baskets - the top one contains brads, buttons and eyelets; the bottom two are full of ribbons. The plastic boxes with pull out drawers from Chickenfeed ($2 shop) contain stickers, chipboard elements, transfers, wire and beads, small punches and other 'stuff'. The plastic box has all my flowers in it while the cane box contains the big brads and leaves. I have my cuttlebug sample pack hanging from ribbon on the top of the 12" card file and the left hand side file contains all the patterned papers. Under the wire baskets are containers of beads and of small metal embellishments. You can see what are stored in the small storage drawers from the up-close photo below.

This photo shows the standing desk where I do most of my work - looking towards my HUBs space and his desk. I have a storage shelf under the bench and this contains A4 card, rub-ons and stickers relating to birthday cards in particular; gloves and wipes, sanding papers, bigger metal embellishments, and around the back, templates, materials and a box of bling!Under the shelf are hanging baskets with stickers and transfers in one; lace and string in the middle one; and white, black and kraft paper in the third.

This is a close up of the storage boxes - its my writing that is slanted, not the lables.

Inside the cupbaord are more wire shelves on the doors for the paint misters and reinkers and such, and more ribbon, the paints, pencils, crayons, glitter and embossing powders; craftboard collections and sponges.

 The drawers have all the stamps stored in kind - wooden ones on the bottom drawer (unless they are small), clear and sentiments in one, and so on.  My other stamps are stored on the shelf over the computer desk.

The stamps are all entered into my stamp folder and named by maker, with an indication of where they can be located. These are Waltzing Mouse stamp sets, for example. I can flick through the folder to find a stamp or set without having to trawl through the drawers or boxes. I also take a photocopy and attach it to the stamp box or container so I know what is supposed to be in this box/container. I am running out of room to house them all. I need to go to the DVD case idea for a lot of sets and then store them upright on the shelves I think.

I have a table (covered with stuff at the moment - it needs to be tidied up more) and this has a drawer set under it full of paper scraps. The small trolley also contains more card and paper, but in sets or commercial card blanks. On top of the desk is a plastic 2 drawer set for all my inks.

Behind this is a basket containing all my big punches.  It is currently full, as are the ink drawers.

The space is in the rumpus room downstairs; it once was simply a walkway through to the HUBs wood workshop and then became my office space when HUM built me a desk.  He then retired and moved home with his desk in the end section and his filing cabinets and shelving on the top.  That is HIS SPACE.  I have to be content with my space. You can see how I store the cuttlebug and the folders etc.  My desk is messy also and has my computer on it - but the shelves are tidy.  They have to be.

I have envelopes and more card blanks in the bottom left drawer, and the other drawers are full of personal papers. I store lettering and specific items ie babies stuff, hearts, starts, wedding stuff in the file cases on the left side of the shelves and printing paper, photo paper, DVDs and CD's with photos and such in the green baskets. I also have booklets with ideas cut from magazines (inspiration books) for both scrapping and card making and different techniques in the spiral books. 

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Jean said...

Hi Susan, I am soooo drooling here. What a great workspace. I followed your winning card here and have been looking around. You do some beautiful work! We've just posted our second challenge at and would love to have you play along. Drop by and visit!