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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dream Time

Well, it has been a busy time lately but I have put together a quick card for the Little Paper Shop weekly challenge.  This time it is a colour challenge LSPC61.

I was playing around with a technique that shows reflections, but the card I was casing had used a flat surface stamp and I didn't have anything similar or suitable.  I did have a fairy stamp, so used that and then coloured it in to make it solid.  My reflection was not well thought out and I then tried to fix it several times - it has sat on my desk and gets more layers of colours and stamps and sponging everytime I spend an hour at my desk.  Thought I should stop so layered it up in yellow and brown and attached it to a craft card.  I used a sentiment stamp from My Stamps and brown ink. I added some bling in the corners.  It looks good at a distance but not too good close up.

I have also been busy watching my granddaughter in the Australian National Band Championships which are currently being held in Hobart.  She is playing cornet in the Glenorchy City Community Band and a Junior Band from the same group.  She was so nervous in the junior band as she was first trumpet and they were all following her lead. They came second in their division.  In the community band it is not as bad as she is one of quite a few trumpets. Anyway, this group had their marching test today, and so had to march through the city one after another and be scored on it. The junior bands don't march.  Many brass bands from inter-state had smart uniforms but Glenorchy is just a small band and has a limited amount of money for such things. They wore their tops and grey pants, but the grey ranged over a variety of shades!  Anyway, here are some piccies - getting ready for inspection, inspection and beginning to march. Hettie is the second row from the left - third player back. The little one!

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Allison said...

Terrific take on the CC! I love the reflection you created (I have never got one to be successful in my case!). Thanks for playing!