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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Using Copic pens

I have been hearing about Copic pens for some time now, and decided to invest in a few and see what everyone was buzzing about.  I used them on SU Whisper White paper and decided that they bled and were not that different than SU Markers, then someone on one of the sites I visit said that you should use a whiter, heavier, smoother paper and so I tried using them on the SU Glossy.  What a difference!  I have also been gathering together a few digi images and so I printed some of them out on the glossy paper and coloured them in using the Copics. Wow! So now, I guess I am hooked a bit on Copics - I looked up a few tutorials on how to use them also and that made a difference as well.  Here are a few tries to date. Don'tknow what I will do with them yet!

I used SU inks sponged over the images after I put a mask over the actual digi image. I photocopied the finished coloured image and cut out the mask.  Some I wiped the ink over and others I dabbed it - different looks were achieved.  In the one below I then tried to cut a circle out and stuffed it up - there is a straight edge on the left hand side of the image being covered up with the ribbon -  so the resulting card is a way of trying to save the image.  I put the flower in it but don't like that, so may change it  - perhaps some leaves? Any other suggestions? A bird perhaps? Or a butterfly?


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