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Friday, September 10, 2010

It's starting to look like a kitchen!

Next update - cupboards in!

So, this is looking back into the kitchen are from the dining room -entry back right, and pantry cupboard at back.

This is the side that will have the sink and the dishwasher, and the cook top and range hood. 

This side has the fridge in the hole in the middle, and the little alcove is for the phone etc. The alcove on the left is for the stove and microwave.

This is outside the kitchen in the hall, looking at where there used to be a doorway. 

As well as getting in a new kitchen yesterday, the water and sewerage board arrived on shore below us with a BARGE and an excavator and began to work on the sewerage system. Excitement! The excavator was working in the salt water digging up the old pipes and replacing them. The tide was really high and they were paddling around down there again today (no ship or machines) and the water was right up to the bank edge. So much to look at, no time to create!

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Sue W said...

Ooh yes your kitchen is taking shape!!!!