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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kitchen update for family followers and others!

No card at the moment.  I have some pictures of the kitchen reno's to date as I am getting inquiries from family and friends for photos's!(notice that alliteration!).  Firstly, the kitchen reno has taken over the whole house, as you can see. Ceiling has been painted and the walls will be done today (hopefully) - all the furniture has been pushed into the middle - yesterday it was all draped with clear plastic drops - looked spooky! Everything is dirty and dusty.

 This is what the splashback looks like - still not sealed.

The nook has also been tiled and the fridge is in situ but not plumbed in yet or turned on. The microwave and oven work though - when I was cleaning the stainless on Sunday I accidently turned the stove on and then couldn't get it off -panic, followed by reading the instructions before I could get it off!

View down the kitcheninto dining area (minus table) - the window sills are meant to be done, but after the westerlies and the rain earlier this week, they leaked! So, now we are waiting for the glazier to come and frix so that the painter can finish.

The hallway (with the sun just shining as I took the photo) - notice the new wall panels and how well they match? You can see where the old door was.  The painter is at present painting the hall panels and the door frame before he begins on the walls and gets rid of the pink!

He is a bit messy, this painter but is the grandson of our butcher, we discovered this morning! A nice lad.

Yes, that is snow folks, on the mountain! And it's bloody cold as well! Yes, it is Springtime. Somewhere. 

Even down to Collins Cap - about 200 metres they said on the radio this morning. Roads closed everwhere, as you can imagine, in the highlands and on the westcoast.

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Sue W said...

OMG you live a most beautiful spot Susan!!! Just look at those views....daren't show my husband!!!!
Kitching is looking great.... but I guess you'll be pleased to get it all finished now!