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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More kitchen and a card with a twist...

Firstly, the card.  Saw this fold on a blog (someone's) when blog hopping yesterday, and so made it today using some die cuts I had from a Disney Cuttlebug die and embossing folder when practising using both (again yesterday - you can tell I am a bit distracted?) Put it together using some SU DP and a rub-on for the sentiment.
EDIT: the blog belongs to Jo Davies at Digital Delights

Then took three photo's of it before the rain poured down outside, and somehow 'lost' two of them off my camera! It's been that sort of a day.

However, there are two die cuts of crackers snapping - one each side, two candles and one cake. It was quite easy to make and put together - I have the dimensions if you want them.

Today has been like Spencer Street Station here - and it is cold and rainy most of the time.  With the front door open nearly all day, it had been a bit strange. We had two workmen show up to fit in the stove, microwave and range hood - problem number one was that the rangehood didn't fit and the trim for the microwave was missing.  Several phone call's later hubby and I raced off to the city to organise the necessary exchanges  - all finally sorted by this pm, but no glass under the hood for me! Boo Hoo....they didn't fit. Only have two months to sort this out but it was missed by us and the builder - anyway, sorted. Next the stone men arrived to fit the benches, and in the middle the foreman for the sewer repair team for the area arrived to tell us about the work that will be happening down on the waterfront this evening. Then granddaughter Number 2 turned up to visit.  As I said, busy!

 Here are the pictures of the kitchen to date.

The bench tops are brown stone (bitter chocolate, actually)

Stove and microwave almost in, and benchtops for the electrical equipment cupboard and the telephone nook. 

Now all I need to do is learn to cook!

Can you see my induction hot plates?  Just under the (smaller) rangehood! Very nifty.

The fridge and dishwasher still to be plumbed in, and nothing is yet wired in. Tiler comes late next week, plasterer tomorrow and the guys to fix the floor ready for tiling tomorrow as well. Painters the week after next at this stage!

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Lynn said...

Love the kitchen and all that new house has loads of space now and it's wonderful!
Lynn :)