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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well, I am back, but not with a card...

Still getting a kitchen - as I am keying this the tiler is upstairs laying the floor tiles.  I find it hard to stay away! I have also found it difficult to craft, so have been tidying up and such, and went to a class for a Christmas card with a pop-up insert, to take my mind off the kitchen. It worked for a while.  I am getting over picnicking in the laundry and lounge room and cannot wait until the painters get here on Monday!

I did encourage my hubby to assist in the storage department and look what he made me: one for my copics and one for my inks!

I saw them both in other people's blogs and showed him, so he designed them and built them for me.  I painted the one for copic's in white as well as papering the top and sides (and strips down the front), but the ink storage is just as it was on the front, although I did paper the top and sides. It will take 48 Stampin'Up inks, so I had better get to ordering to fill it up! I am a a very lucky crafter!

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This is great! How clever is he!!