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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Contrasts and other things

There are few things to tell you :
a) We have moved into the new kitchen - yes, the windows need to be redone (Friday) and the carpet is not yet sorted, and the old fridge and freezer are still in the hallway, but we have COOKED in the kitchen!
b) I have done so while combating a virus - now I know that I have a good virus protector on my computer so how I got this thing I do not know, but I do not like it!
c) Spring is here (at the moment, its going to be winter again tomorrow)
d) not all that left the old kitchen will fit back into the new kitchen - strange that, so a cull has had to be undertaken! There is a garage sale in the offing........

Some pictorial evidence:

Even figured how to work the dishwasher and the hot plates!  

The fridge/freezer had to be serviced before it would stop leaking (hmmm) but it's sorted now. And I can use the stove and microwave - sorta.

The entry into the kitchen - its the camera angle, not the walls........

Nice, clean lounge room walls .... and still the hallway full of fridges in the background - nearly put back together again.

Remember how it snowed last week - well on Sunday morning the local boat club has it's annual sail past to celebrate the start of the racing year  - Open Day, it's called - same view, different perspective! That's called 'Spring' here. The view of it from the balcony, over the potostrum (?) tree. No snow left on those hills at the moment but after a day of 24 degrees, apparently tomorrow will be cold and wet. Mmmmm.

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Sue W said...

Kitchen looks great and ooh I love your outlook!!!!