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Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy doing nothing much...

You know how it is. However, I have been blog hopping and noticed that Becca's husband John died last week - and wish to post my condolences to someone's whose blog I have watched and whose work I have admired  from afar. Some of you reading this may have seen Amazing Paper Grace, her blog, before - if not, it is well worth a visit when Becca is back as she is a really gifted card maker.

Now, I have been busy doing lots of something, but don't really know what that might be....I started Christmas shopping, but tore my hamstring while waiting for a bus home, so that slowed me down a bit.  I have made a few cards - not many.  I have been helping the eldest granddaughter face her final exams at year 12, and with some assignments and planning in-class essays. The last essay we got an A-, and 2 B+'s (not too bad)! The painters are due again today (not showed up yet!) but we are ready for them.

Anyway, the cards:

The bush is supposed to represent a gum tree rather than a pine, the traditional christmas tree - after all, we are in Australia. As a child, we usually had a native tree to decorate. The WMS Nutcraker stamp set is used here, and for the sentiment for the one below.

This card is made with left-over's from the SU punch I used to make the leaves for the tree - couldn't waste those birds, so make this quickly out of left-overs. 

The next two are made as a result of a class I missed because I was ill a few weeks ago - but the kit was kept for me. I made them up quickly - don;t usually like the peel-offs, but every now and then, they work well. The top one uses acetate and a folded over top of the black card, with an insert with a photocopy of a map showing on the outside through the acetate, and being able to write inside it - sent it to my baby brother for his birthday! The car was peeled off and stuck on black card and then fussy-cut before attaching it to the acetate.

This one came in the kit also, and is another way of using the peel-offs, and again the big car was stuck on black card, fussy-cut and then attached with dimentionals to lift it off the base card. The black card was folded at the back and had a white card attached as the back, and then when the three smaller cars were attached and fussy-cut around at the top, the white showed through.  The peel-off is all shiny and sparkly. Both cards took about 15 minutes each to make. 

1 comment:

Sue W said...

These are such wonderful cards Susan!
Thanks for the comment on my card I might try cutting leather with the cuttlebug and see how it goes. The hearts were just punched with a small hand punch.