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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sending Positive Thoughts to North Queensland

Just a quick post asking people to think many positive thoughts towards the thousands of people in North Queensland tonight who are hunkered down waiting for Cyclone Yasi to strike - the biggest storm front to hit Australia in a century. Keep safe, and be aware that many of us are thinking of you tonight and tomorrow and the next tomorrows that follow when the clean up and scale of the disaster is known. In particular, please think positively towards my nephew and his friends in Cairns,  and my next door neighbour's daughter and her family (including the ducks in the bath!) also in Cairns.


Debgem said...

Susan - will be sending positive thoughts!! We've been hearing about the storm - it's truly awful. Take care xx

Ira said...

Although we're living miles and miles apart, my thoughts are with you Australians, just hope that nature will not strike! All the best, Ira

Jackie's Creative Paper Crafts said...

My positive thoughts are with you down there. I'm far away as well, but keep up via the news. You post on my sister's blog (just scraps) often, so I thought I'd drop by to say hi. You have some beautiful work here! I'll be back - Kind regards,Jackie