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Friday, January 27, 2012

Modem woes!

My modem died on Tuesday morning at 10.20 am. Vale, modem - you have been a good friend for many a year.  The Telstra technician who came laughed when he saw it and said it was one of the originals send out by Telstra when people first logged in with Broadband.

It took several calls to the Phillipines, and to mainland Australia, and then several more calls after the technician called to get up and running again with a new modem.  Wonder if this one will last for more than 10 years?

Anyway, I now have a slim silver modem blinking at me and email again, as well as access to blogland! I only have 58 emails to deal with and am now up-to-date with all internet duties! Back to crafting..........

1 comment:

Merry said...

So glad you have made it back to blogland Susan. We had our original modem for years too. I was in shock when they said you should update at least every three years.