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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whine or Wine?

There are so many lovely labels on wine bottles, and I have made use of many of these in my day - both the contents of the bottles and the labels!

However, I find it hard to remove some of the labels for my artwork - that's my whine! My hubby is a bit of an expert now, including filling the bottle with hot water and waiting, to applying (carefully) the heat from a hair dryer, to simply soaking in a sink of hot water.  Some lift off OK and some don't. Oh well, youse takes your chances, eh!

This card uses an image from a wine bottle that obviously came off but had to be trimmed a bit, so I put the image inside a frame and you cannot tell it is a little worse for wear! Can you?

This is an outside shot

This is an inside one

These are the products used to make it - the backing paper is from Out of Print, the top DPs are from Jenny  B's Studio, the frame is from Merci, the rub-on is a Kelly Panacci (Sandy Lion) which was worse for wear and had to be resurrected with black pen. The black ribbon (wide) is off a chocolate box, and the thin one is from clothing. The beads I made. The black and gold ribbon tape is from 7 Gypsies. You can just see another wine label (Annie's Lane) under the small papers pack, and I was contemplating using that instead of the one I did, as this card was made for my friend Annie's birthday! The black card base is a commercial blank. 


Deborah Frings said...

What a good idea! I do like this card - very elegant!

Monica said...

What a clever idea that is... have been admiring wine bottle covers for a long, long time but get so carried away with the wine that there is little room in my happy head for anything else after that... lol.

This card is so posh, Susan. Love the papers on it. And that frame is so very ornate. Everything ties in so well. The ribbon matches so well with the image.

Thanks for your kind words on my card... you made my day.

Monica xxx