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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update on the boy

He's fine - back at school gaining much street cred, with his cast signed by everyone in the class. He was operated on on Saturday morning, and was most upset to find when he woke that as well as the left arm being in plaster, he had a canula in the right one as well - "that's my writing/drawing hand!".  Spent the afternoon at home laying on the couch and eating all his favourite foods, but by Sunday was being yelled at for being on the trampoline, had beaten his father in a Wi game and was insisting on going to school the next day! Oh to be six again.

Family seems to have recovered as well so all is well that ends so........


Deborah Frings said...

Hi Susan - sorry I've not been by for a while. So pleased to hear that your grandson is okay - kids seem to bounce back so quickly. He'll dine out on this story for a long time!

I hope you're okay too. You've made some fabulous cards recently. I particularly like the image in that gorgeous frame - very elegant.

Take care!

Ultimate Whirligig said...

Susan, I have just popped by to say thanks for your kind comments at my blog, but got distracted having a little look around your blog. Your cards are beautiful!
:) Michelle

Monica said...

Sorry that your grandson was not well. Thank God for the Wi games.
Monica xxx