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Friday, August 10, 2012

Jack's Masterpiece

I received a letter in the snail mail today from my Grandson Jack, who is nearly 7.  He had made me a birthday card before my birthday but it was lost in his bedroom until after the day, and only sent this week.  He had made it himself, to his own design and it is a pop-up card.  It is a duck.  Here it is:

Note the eye - there is another on the back page!

The beak (and some more eyes) and his message

You can just see how he made it - when shut the beak folds down and lays just outside the edge of the card; by moving the card edges in and out the duck can talk to you.

I think he is very clever - and I am sure you all do too! Thank you Jack, I love it!

I am entering it in several challenges on his behalf:
CCEE#1232 Stampers: a shaped card (this is a duck)
Craft Your Passion Kids Challenges: an animal (a duck is an animal)


Sabrina said...

Well done Jack!! Pop up cards are such fun - looks like you have a budding paper-engineer coming along in the family there! Thanks for joining the CCEE stampers.

Sue W said...

Too cute!

Monica said...

Hi Susan,
How thoughtful of Jack to make you a special duck card... tell him it is rather impressive. And for a boy to do that - he must have your genes. Lol.
Hope you are well,

Monica xxx

Merry said...

I think Jack is very clever, can't wait to see more creations from him.

Anonymous said...

Oh jack is definitely very clever indeed. I love how he figured it out how to make it himself. Your lucky to get a surprize like that in the mail box.

Shirley-anne said...

How proud you must be and thank you for sharing your joy and his card .One for the memory box I bet . I love getting things from my grandsons too .Lovely fun card.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Oh this is so sweet--so amazing to think he went to all the trouble to make a pop up!You are very lucky indeed! Men and boys especially love pop up cards. DO give him this link :

Gail said...

Thank you for your kind comments .The glass paint I've had for about 10 years and was bought when I lived in Saudi Arabia .I'm sure Spotlight will have some ,it's a great way to colour stickers and the colours are very pure and clear.
Maybe you can spare some of your supplies and make Jack a goody bag full of crafts bit 'n' bobs .

Anonymous said...

Great work Jack. I have a 7 year old daughter who loves making cards too - I think she has a box "ready" just like me!

Kavitha Vadhri said...

great idea from a7 yr old(pop up). thanks for leaving me a lovely cooment on my blog.your cards are very cute.