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Friday, January 4, 2013

Bush Fires

Last night we had record temperatures overnight of 25 plus, followed by 41.8 degrees (another record for Hobart) today accompanied by strong hot winds from the north. The consequences of that were that we have had catastrophic fires again. 

I grew up in the hamlet of Bream Creek/Kellevie on the south east coast of our little island and in 1967 there were devastating fires through that area, amongst others. Today they were there again, although a little further south. I was at school in Hobart in 1967, and not at home, but I remember the pall of smoke over the city, and the cinders dropping from the sky as we walked home early that afternoon - home to me was a boarding house attached to the school, full of country kids, and all night long parents and/or police arrived to tell one or other of these girls there that their house had been burnt down or family member died.  I was 15 and remember it as clearly as I remember what happened today. The school I attended before High School was a local country school at a small fishing village called Dunalley.  Today that town was burnt down, along with the school and 64 other buildings. The sky was full of smoke over the city too - but from a fire some 30 kilometres away to the north, where another small country community is fighting for its existence. I took photos from my balcony late this afternoon - the temp was still around 35 degrees and there was ash falling, as you can see in the second photo.

We are alright and unless Agamemnon occurs will be fine. But I am very sad. And apparently climate change doesn't exist. 


Granmargaret said...

I am so sorry Susan. It's dreadful. I hope that they can put the fires out soon.
I will say a prayer for you.
Keep safe
Best wishes

Sue W said...

Hot weather with warm winds......the perfect fire conditions! Every year it seems we await them knowing the terrible cost to the land, property and lives.
My thoughts are with you and all those in the path of this fire..........I hope the conditions change and you get some cooler weather and RAIN!!!! Stay safe x

Anonymous said...

Hope you are still safe. I was returning from a trip to the country earlier today and my thoughts were about people I know who are in Tassie. Hope you and yours stay safe.

Merry said...

Oh wow...that must have been very scary for you to see the fires so close and brought back those memories. I have been thinking of you. TAke care