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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Smooth Sailing with the Lollipop Ladies

Left it to the last day to make a card and had an idea in my head - it looked easy enough, so after lunch I started to make it.  Four frustrating hours later I had made it, the bin was full of bits thrown away and I had run out of time to improve the prototype (my first successful attempt).

The Lollipop Ladies had a challenge this fortnight using Push Pops and and added challenge of adding movement to your item.
There is a prize to be won if we get more than seven entries - so why not put the thinking cap on and have a go!

I went to the Splitcoaststampers. I found the tutorial for the card with the mechanical iris and followed the instructions......and looked at the video.......and read the comments after the video ..........and went back to the instructions ......... and fiddled and fiddled until I got something resembling the eye mechanism.

I used SU card, papers and stamps and very quickly tried to put together the outside of the card - mine is not very good and getting the circles to match the eye was fraught with danger!

Then I wasn't sure about the closure - if I closed it too much the lever didn't work. So I ended up half closing it.  Not sure why we had to cut the half circle out of the corner - wouldn't in the next one. 

Anyway - have a go - your's will be much better than mine!


Heather said...

Oh, Susan, good for you sticking through it for 4 hours!!! I think I would have given up and sat in tears! I've never seen this technique before and it looks really neat, so I can see why you gave it a try. A very cute card, besides all the trouble. I really like that sailboat.

Anonymous said...

Good job Susan. Good on you for persisting. I saw this, thought about it and went straight back to the diamond card. Just looked to fiddly for me at the moment. Thanks for handing in there.