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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finally got some time to post

Life has been hectic but enjoyable and then it was quiet and enjoyable too!

We had visitors over the Easter as you know, and the craft supplies did get a bit of a run. Miss 10 is quite a crafty lady.  She arrived with a present for both her Nin's - one each - and this one is mine:

She made three of these in a couple of weeks, learnt to make one by making her own,and then made two more for us. These are my colours apparently and the other Nin had bright primary colours. She is going to sewing classes at a local shop.

This is the finished card she made with the image she had coloured up using my Copics for the first time.

She then went on to draw her own figures and colour them up - I will share them another time. 
Mr 8 is not so much into drawing and colouring at the moment - he was more into the Easter Bunny and chocolate! 

I will also share this too:
Runner-Up Blinkie

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frommycraftroom said...

Well done at Cuttlebug challenge blog.
Your granddaughter is supper talented. I thought you had been sewing - but I don't think you sew. Forgive me if I am wrong. It is a fab effort.
Her finished card is also a great job.
I don't blame Mr 8 for wanting to eat chocolate!
Thanks for sharing