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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A One-Armed Crafter

The reason why I have been and will be a bit quieter on blogland.....

Thursday pm after surgery - not bad for a selfie taken one-handed and high on drugs!

Yesterday - Monday - bored! I was flipping through old magazines for my idea project book - and took this to share with my darling grand-daughter who is hobbling about in NZ with either a broken or badly sprained ankle. She  won't be going to Lucerne with the band now poor kid.

Note that I now have nail polish on! A GIRL HAS TO KEEP UP STANDARDS!

Stitches out on Friday - and then 6 weeks in a splint with physio. Medical Science is amazing these days. Hopefully I will be back crafting before you know it!
Meanwhile, scheduler is mostly working.........

Happy Spring!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I did notice the nail polish.
Hope you recover quickly and back creating soon.
What was the op for? Carpel tunnel? I remember you suffer and colouring can sometimes be difficult. If you don't mind me asking.