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Monday, March 23, 2015

Anything but Peaceful......

.....was what was coming out of my workspace while making this card for the Unstampabelles Challenge #45 - Peace/Harmony! 

I was very calm and purposeful at the beginning, and it all seemed to be in harmony until after I made it and photographed it and started to fix the photo ready for posting. There had been only one small hiccup with the peace symbol (which I had drawn in gold pen and didn't like) in that it was drawn wrongly! So I had hand drawn it onto mirror card and fussycut out the symbol with the knife, and put a small circle of card under it to hid the error. It all looked fine. Until I took it outside to photograph. That's when I noticed IT and the noise began (swearing), as well as the humphing and banging things on the desk and such........

Is it laying an egg or what?

So I fixed it ("cause I am smart, yes?) and rephotographed it, and was starting to fix the photo ready for posting when.........I noticed IT (yes, the second IT!) and the scene, which had subsided into peace, was shattered again!

Yes, the peace symbol is sideways!

Yes, it is now fixed - I promise! I am looking at it now. 
BUT I am NOT photographing it again unless something else is wrong and I notice that!

I could not just move the symbol because as I explained earlier,  I had originally dawn it in gold pen (incorrectly) and had to redo it! So the only thing that could be moved was the bird!! Now, I have turned the circle so it is correctly sitting as it was meant to be but really this card is a comedy of error after error! Perhaps I should have simply started again?

It was meant to be a quick simple card - huh!

This is the Spellbinder's die cut into gold mirror card

The sprig of green is from the SU bird punch
All the other card is from SU

I am quitting while ahead today!

Please go the Unstampabelles and see the spectacular work of the DT and get inspired to have a go - as I write this on Sunday there are only 6 entries - good odds to win yourself the prize.
Remember - no stamps: but it does not have to be a card!


Desire Fourie said...

Beautifully elegant. Love the embossing and gold.

CG said...

LOL I understand all too well! I think it's a beautiful card. Happy Harmony Day! Best, CG

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I'm afraid you probably would have heard me from your place if that had been me colourful language too! Great effort to keep going and solve the issue. I must admit the egg laying did give me a chuckle - sorry.

The gold is gorgeous and a lovely die too.