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Saturday, March 28, 2015

OK, I succumbed

Yes, I made some Easter stuff. 

I had made some earlier and sent it to Canberra for Grandchildren without photographing it - they really didn't deserve (talking about the cards not the children!) it as they had to be flattish and lightweight and I knew they would last long anyway - but then I got fidgetty and so made some (different) others, and promptly sold them! So I remade two (they take about 15 minutes to make now I know what I am doing) and thought perhaps I should take a photo!

I  used all Stampin' Up card and started by making a 4 x 4cm box

They are meant to be rabbits but they look a bit like mice!

Sixxix Easter egg dies and circle punches and SU punches and dies

It's a tail!

 Eyes and whiskers drawn in but you could use goggle eyes - they just looked a bit creepy

Holds about a dozen or two handfull's of cheap solid chocolate eggs from the supermarket - $10 for a big bag for Easter Egg Hunts (or if you are a teacher, to put into the lolly jar for the kids and other staff members!) they also can hold small Lindt rabbits or similar or several larger eggs or similar.

I put them in cellophane bags for sale and then realised you are not supposed to sell them with chocolate in them!

I had already sold three
The third one was  a chicken!
I priced them at $6 each - too cheap??


Gail said...

too cute

Shylaa Shree said...

just a beautiful box

Anonymous said...

Fun little box. Good for you to sell them. Non crafty people don't mind paying for your talents :)
In case I don't visit again before Easter I hope the Easter bunny finds you and leaves something yummy for you.

kiddo said...

Very cute boxes! Thank you for your visit and kind words!