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Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh Baby, I can hardly wait!

There are two new babies due in my family this year (at least) and it is an exciting time for all concerned. The latest two will make me a GREAT Aunt AGAIN! Not so sure I appreciate that!!

Over at Unstampabelles, there is  Challenge #46 running for April

This month our theme is 

You can create a baby project of some kind or use the phrase to suit!
Easter babies, animal babies, human babies........

The TWIST is to make your project fairly non-traditional for babies...

The Prize - new/unused
(the Tombow glue bottle is just to indicate size!)

 As the two latest additions will be entering life as siblings, and their siblings are still quite young, I decided to create something suitable for a tired mother! I found a metal pencil box and painted it with three coats of white Gesso. I added the image below (found on internet and printed off onto white Reflex paper) and the word, and wrote on the box top, and then painted it again with clear Gesso (twice). The ink still ran despite me leaving 24 hours between glueing on the image and covering it with clear Gesso. So, I had to go grunge to cover that fact up! Between layers of clear I stencilled in some other images - same problem.......gggggrrrrrrrr

internet image

Die cut baby and handwritten title

Inside the box had a bit more stencilling and bad painting, and some stuff added to the kit - the scroll tied up with ribbon reads as follows:
It is made up from several different ones found on Pinterest and from my own sense of humour!

Yes, dreadful I know. 

Anyway, that is my contribution this week to the Unstampabelles Challenge #46
Oh Baby!


Merry said...

Lol.....I so love that image you have used Susan....too funny but probably too true sometimes. Great gift idea.

Wynn Walton said...

Susan would you believe this is so true. My mother left me as a baby. Not on the bus but at the bottom of the street. This was during the war and the banana shortage in the Uk. She was out shopping and heard the cry bananas at the top of the street. Off she flew to join the queue. My Nan saw her and asked where the baby was. Oooooppppppsssss I've left her at the bottom of the street. Typical Mother I might add.....well with me anyway.....another story lol . Great project Susan xxt Thank you for the memory jogger xx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea. I am so glad you shared what is in the tin. They are so true. Love your sense of humour - I'm sure the mum to be will appreciate it especially as she is adding to her family she has an idea what she is in for!