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Monday, July 20, 2015

News from Basel and the 3rd Week of Unstampabelles

Hello Peeps, welcome to Monday. It's been cold and it's been hot - depends on where you live I guess. Apparently it is hot in Basel. How do I know? My gorgeous second granddaughter (aged 19 - all three are gorgeous, you know) Hettie Adams is there, performing in the Tattoo, with the New Zealand Army Band. She plays horn and sings, and plays cornet. She comes from Tasmania, but is currently a member of that organisation. This photo is courtesy of © Benno Hunziker — at Kaserne Basel Tattoo.

She loves that microphone!

Just a tenny-weeny bit proud of her.....

Grab a Bunch - of Flowers!  
Get creative and make some flowers - in fact the twist is to make a garden!


An embossing folder of flowers

I have so many Spellbinder dies of flowers and other dies of flowers, and why I picked this one to make I do not is an old one, a single plate of metal with the dies cut our of it, so you can cut more than one sheet of card at a time. It makes six single flower cuts in total, and you are supposed to layer them for effect. I did this and didn't really like the effect too much so I threw them in the old pizza box I use to spray stuff, and gave them several bursts of gold spray - they changed colour!! But they did look a bit more interesting so I used them over a lattice die cut, to create the effect of climbing plants I hoped......

Here is the colour change!

This is it in the sunshine with the petals put into place

The pale pink went sort-of goldy green

I used a rub-on for the sentiment

Voila, a card!

I am glad I have at least used this die once now! I purchased it off eBay about two years ago. 

Now it's your turn to create a bunch of flowers, and/or a garden scene if you are doing the twist too

See you on Unstampabelles

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Shylaa Shree said...

beautiful flowers susan. the golden tint on the flowers is attractive