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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dragonflies second one for August

Hi everyone - sorry this is sooo late. 
I have had some sad news about the health of not one, but two girlfriends and life has been thrown into a bit of chaos.

This post is for the second of the new challenges at the revamped 

The challenge is 

Make it Floral

I hate cancer - don't you?

This card is for Gimy - may you always fly in the sunshine, and sparkle. 

I used a Memory Box die called English Rose

I die cut several pieces - green and pink and an extra white
I then die cut the image from the front of my card
I added some jac paper (sticky paper) to the inside front of the card and carefully reinserted the framework of the die I had just cut from it back into the cut out - press into jac paper to hold.

The I carefully took out the leaves and added them, and then the bits of the roses and added them
The photo above shows me half way through the process

I had to use glue to glue on two flowers inside the cluster
I also lost one piece of pink so had to recut some of the die to get that piece again
Make sure if you are doing this that you save all the small bits!

 I agonized over my sentiment - is it too sentimental, too 'teachy', too wrong....
Settled on this for the front

I added the dragonfly die cut because I could!

The inside says 
"life doesn't have to be perfect to be OK".  


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card. Bet it was a little tricky getting those bits back into place - like a grown up jigsaw. Hope your friends are feeling better soon.

Wynn Walton said...

I think the sentiment is perfect Susan. So sorry to hear about your friends. Hate the big 'c' too. Hugs Wynn xx