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Monday, September 21, 2015

Stop Toolin' Around........

You cannot beat a good pun!

Males cards  - apart from being fairly simple and clean looking - often work well with a funny line attached, and if you can build the card around a pun - home and hosed, my friend!

This card being made for Unstampabelles Challenge #50 Boys will be Boys, for September has used a pun around the word "tool". 

When I was still teaching, and in particular teaching young teeenage boys, this word had to be avoided at all costs - who knew it had some much capacity to reduced a classroom of teens to sniveling, sniggering, giggling wrecks with no ability to concentrate left. I was reminded of this fact a few days ago when a young person I know, and who has just started teaching, inadvertently used the wrong word in front of Year 8's and they lost the plot. She will be scarred for life I suspect. 

Still, it set me thinking about my unfortunate use of "man's prehistoric tool" in front of a similar group and then reminded me of the many uses applied to that particular word when talking about males. I had some die that would be appropriate, so set to work. 

This is what I created

Showed it to hubby - he sniggered - they never grow up!

This is what is say's inside

So, punny or worse - add a funny line or crack a joke and you have created a good male card.

Why not make one today and then enter it 


Anonymous said...

Fabulous card.
I hope your friend recovers and the Year 8's forgive her and respect her.

Wynn Walton said...

Susan your card made me smile and set the memory bank going. It happened in my class too but it was the Head master who made the boo boo during one of my PE sessions when we had the games equipment out including balls of many sizes. I won't repeat the pun but you can probably image!!! I remember going scarlet red at the time. Love the card and the pun. Hugs Wynn xx