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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just Playing.....

Firstly, I am an avid craft magazine purchaser - consequently, I have a lot of freebies from them and the embossing folder used in this card came from this, as did the stamps used.

I have seen some beautiful cards with scenes on them and coloured northern lights background effects, and after looking at a couple of videos on this technique, I decided to do that. I also wanted to combine wet embossing with the dry I had a go at both on the same card. I must admit my wet embossing skills are not that good and my slapstick approach does show through,but again I like the light on the snow effect it has created - also like the depth in the windows I managed....the sentiment is white embossing on black embossing.....

Forgot how the snow would turn out
 but then, at night, snow would be black against the sky wouldn't it?

I think it looks OK but I should have embossed the sleigh I think too......

Then I had some other freebies - colouring page from a magazine - so in a quiet moment I used my Prisma and similar pencils to colour up this by basically following the suggestion in the magazine - too lazy to do anything else......

It's not exact but I like the colour/no colour look this created. 

So, then I did another but this time I used the Zest or blending solution as well to hide the pencil marks - I thought the other one was too small to bother

Hand-drawn edge

Tried to get shadowing going but the Zest was a bit too good at melting the pencil in plaes and it moved around a bit more tan I really wanted but I came back into it later and it worked. 

It's a groovy card!

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Anonymous said...

WOW you have been busy with your free gifts! I think snow would be black at night. Love the zentangle card I may have picked up a similar "freebie" now you have showed me what to do with it!