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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Playing again and guess what?

It's raining! Yea!

Just light rain but with a bit of luck we will get some of those fires that have been bothering us in Tassie to go out! They are talking relief but not yet under control. These areas are quite remote and full of National Park but it makes life even more difficult for the firefighters - we have them from NSW, Vic and Tas, and some in this afternoon who are from New Zealand. Thanks, boys and girls - we really appreciate the help.

At least there have been no deaths and little property in  housing/shacks lost. 

And the irony - they are issuing FLOOD warnings for the North East coast from the rain!

Anyway, I was playing as Hobart is four hours from  most of it by car, and the wind was blowing the smoke north rather than south......

I was playing with the ColorBurst powders again, and using stencils with them today

The left hand side one is stencilled in black Dylusion ink and then this was sprayed with a matt spray to ensure the ink did not run when I added the powders - more on what I did with that later, but I nearly killed myself because I was too lazy to go outside to spray.......

This is what happened to my fingers as I progressed.......

Added the powders and spritzed the watercolor paper with water and this is the effect I got - nice!

Looking at it now, it looks a bit like the fires from the North West have travelled to Paris!
I was trying for dramatic summer skies over the Eiffel Tower

This is one stencil and three 'sides' - first one is paper under stencil - too much water and flooded the stencil underneath so lost some definition but irl it looks good still. The bottom right is paper laid on top of the stencil while still wet and gentle pressed on, and I got the negative imprint and the third one on the top right is the stencil laid on paper after removing the first two from it, and it left this delicate pattern as well. 

I went on to make some more things but you will see these later!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WOW you have been having fun! Maybe some disposable gloves? unless you like the look of blue fingers :)
Great outcomes - will be interesting to see what you make of these. Very different results depending on where you put the stencil. The fire does look like it is burning in Paris!
Hoping the fires are out soon.