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Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Tulips in Amsterdam...... (well, not really)

As I said in a previous blog, we went to Floriade in Canberra, and thought the flowers were pretty.  However, the bulbs at Tessellars in the Dandenongs were beautiful, so I have just inlcuded a few here from both places to compare - don't you just love Spring! In Victoria, there were beds with over 80 ooo bulbs handplanted just for this event - and they were spectacular!

This was one of the beds - there were many more! The next one is of the view down the hill - by mid-morning this was swarming with people and kids, in among the plantings getting their photo's taken - the poor tulips were battered about!


Renuncula's were in all colours and superb - this one is almost like a rose and so delicate in colour.

John said to me that this one looked like it had tinsel on it! Have you seen a tulip like this before! And the red almost hurts your eyes.

Pretty in pink! So delicate and with the raindrops on them as well, they were lovely.

These last two were at Floriade - a different day altogether.  It was warm and a hot wind was blowing.  Many of the bulbs and flowers had been planted to come out over the next week or two, as the festival lasts for three weeks, I believe, and they obviously didn't want them to be all over in a rush. There was a theme to the plantings, around harmony and peace and each bed had been sponsored by various groups - so the type of flower varied, but tupils were there in plenty as were hyacthines; and grape hyacthines; and pansies; irises, daisies (the small tight round faced ones in multi colours from white to red, yellow and orange); and quite a few I didn't know.  No close-ups that are good enough from there to add to this page!

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