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Monday, January 17, 2011

Grandchildren....don't ya just luv 'em!

I ahve been very busy over the last three days - our family from Canberra has arrived for a visit for a week, and Mr 5 and Miss 7 are into crafting and my stash! I thought I should share some of the delights so far:

Jack is less prolific than his sister, and has a few issues with colouring between the lines, but has the general idea.  Not sure my stamps and ink pad will survive the experience - there was more ink on him than the stamp at one stage. he is an expert on the scissors, but tends to practice on things that he shouldn't - but is showing promise.

Lily loved my card of the same digi, and wants to send it to her friend in Denver, so we made a butterfly to go with it, but she did the rest.  The following were also her creations, using digi's and clip art images, and scraps from the stash.

Number 1

This is for her Karate coach! The figures represent the belt colours apparently. 

Here is her latest - MM playing soccer. Guess there may be a few more to come. 


Sue W said...

How gorgeous!!!!!! Budding talent here your step!

Debgem said...

Susan - you have such creative grandchildren. I think the monster card is just so cute!! Keep it up! said...

These are just classics Susan lol!! I have a 7 year old who likes to stamp and colour as well, so I know what it's like to 'share' my craft room!

Jean said...

Lily's and Jack's cards are gorgeous! Know you had fun!