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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know I have not been blogging.....time is a factor and a busy life. However, I have been reading blogs! (Thanks Deb, for the blogging award - I will get to it soon!) Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Christmas period filled with family and fun and laughter, and that Santa brought you all something delicious!

My stash of goodies was very desirable, and contained many lovely toys and things to play with while making cards and scrapping! Thanks Santa! Now, my story is longish so a cuppa might be a good idea!

 I have a photo diary of what I have been about since I last posted and there is not a card in sight! However,  I did complete over 120 chrissie cards and send them out with the obligatory letter to those who get one (even took a call from one who complained they didn't get the letter!), cleaned up the house and prepared it for visitors and house guests, and packed my bags for a week in Melbourne before Christmas, visiting friends and family.  However, before we went 'overseas' we went back to the little place where I grew up with my younger brother, his wife and several primary school friends from that time - Bream Creek - for the day and a picnic.  My brother picked us up and took us with him in his four wheel drive, as the roads we were on were not public roads.  Our leader for the day turned up in his tractor and led the convey with that for most of the day! We had a fabulous time, and the memories came flooding back.  Then, off to Melbourne and staying with family - my DH's mother (who turned 97 on Christmas Eve) had been in hospital just before we got there but was in rehab for a week prior to going back home - but she was allowed out for a party one night, when we all got together just before we left to come home. John and I visited her day after the party, back in the hospital,  and I took the usual photo of the two of them together - I've included it here.  Of course, I shopped while in Melboure (yes, a craft shop as well), some if it for Christmas presents - and we came across an amusing window in the Chadstone Shopping Centre.......

Then back home in Tassie with our house guest (who is 84) to prepare for Christmas lunch for 16. Before that, I had a Christmas Breakfast at home for some of my teaching girlfriends, and my eldest grandaughter agreed to help out by serving us! She got her results (passed all her Pre-tertiaries and got into University!) as well so it was a joyous day. On Christmas Day morning, our guest told me she was ill and needed to go to the doctor - and she did! So, after a hectic start to the day, we had our lovely lunch, joined by family and friends, including a family of four from Brisbane who were touring Tasmania during this period of time.  It's a good thing Santa has his finger on the pulse, because there was a Santa package on the fireplace for the two children from this family on Christmas morning and presents for all, and lunch was on time!

After that, several days later, we had John get ill as well - it's a viral thing (and now I have it); we have had several more parties, one for John's birthday on the 30th, which included a visit from two of the intrepid sailors who have been involved with the white water classic's - one from the Sydney-Hobart race, and one from the Launceston-Hobart race  - so the talk was all about yachting for a while; and then a very quiet New Year's Eve!  I didn't make it to 12 o clock, being in bed at 11.40 and sound asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! Oh yes, AND I cleaned up the craft room yesterday! So that is my the pictures!

a small stone archway through which water rushed in and out making a booming noise - I love our rocks on the East Coast!

Cockle Creek heading out to sea, north of Cape Bernier (Hell Fire Bluff to the locals), late in the afternoon.

Eagles Beach, north of Marion Bay, at lunch time - looking south towards the Tasman Penisular

at the end of Eagles, where a little creek meanders out into the sea

Further north of Eagles, looking northward to the southern end of Maria Island, and Hell Fire Bluff, with Mercury passage between them, and the coast line - the little archway is just to the right of this picture, tucked around the corner to sea.

not too bad for 97!

naughty Santa!



Sue W said...

Well you've packed in an awful lot to a short space of time Susan!!!
Love your pictures......we live in such a beautiful country!!
Glad to hear santa was good to you and looking forward to all the creative goodness coming from your blog in 2011!!!
Happy New Year!

Debgem said...

Happy New Year to you Susan - great to see you back.

The photos are amazing - such a beautiful country. You sound like you've had a wonderful time, and lots of goodies too! Looking forward to sharing your inspiration in 2011!

Jose said...

Thank you for sharing your photographs, we visited Hobart last February on a cruise, pity we only had a few hours there, but we enjoyed what we saw. Before we joined the ship we met up with Sue W. and it was from her blog that guided me here.
Jose from England