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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting a bit frustrated

It's been two weeks and I start physio this afternoon.  I am getting bored! Not a good thing because I have blog surfed and ended up with a shopping list and spent too much money on new goodies I can't use yet!

This is what my right hand now look like!

Not allowed to use the thumb to grip anything yet - and fingers still a bit puffy, but my nails are done again! Hopefully I can start to do more soon. Poor hubby is doing it all!  He is being fantastic. Even took me shopping to the discount store! Still have a few scheduled posts organised for my DT responsibilities but am itching to make again! He is not at all keen to help me with craft stuff! 


marion said...

Take your time and give your hand a little rest, see what you can and can not do. It's a good sign that you're eager wanting to craft though. I wish you the very best. Hugs, Marion

Merry said...

Your hand is looking well...especially those nails. I hope all goes according to plan with your physio so that you are crafting again in no time.

Monica said...

Sweet hubby you have, Susan... pity that he does not wanna help with crafting... I love your nail polish.
Sending you healing wishes... Physio will be a blessing.

Rachel Scott said...

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