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Monday, May 28, 2012

I''ve been painting with my left hand

I came home from class having done what you can see in the first photo. My class is in watercolour and mixed media.

Then I added some more at home - using paint, and splattering for the yellow, and my fan brush for the tussocks, and then drawing carefully, and mark making with Sepia ink and nib.
Not sure is I don't like the first one best!

Just did my stint at the radio station, and walked back into town to get my lift home from the gym junkie! I might get a bit fit doing all this walking! Right hand improving, but still cannot use it except for minor things and now some typing! GG (Hub) just called lunch, so will end the waffle here!


Lauren said...

They both look lovely.

SuzanneK said...

Amazing, can't believe you used your left hand. Wow. Get better soon. Hugz Suzanne

Sue W said...

I would be thrilled to manage either of these :)

Merry said...

Wow...that is amazing artwork with your left hand....mine would be such a mess. The black outlines really bring out all the details.