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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Baaacccckkkkk!

Never saw that film, but the line is becoming a bit immortal, isn't it. I have been on the big island, helping family move house and recover from major surgery. At the same time.  It was a bit busy.

While there I visited part of the Yarra River that I had not seen before - Pound Bend near Warrandyte a suburb in Melbourne. My Brother-in-law had cycled there from Blackburn as a youngster and we went back there to visit on a beautiful warm day and I took some photos.  It was an interesting place:

Pound Bend

A tunnel cut through from one side of the bend to the other to divert the river

Looking at the water rushing out of the tunnel - a lovely spa!!

While I was in Melbourne I helped my SIL move house - 50 years plus of living in one place had to be packed up and moved to the new (smaller) town house.  We managed it!

There was a garage sale of the stuff left over, and what was not sold was given to the Salvo's. An interesting time......this was towards the end of the selling period, but there was a steady stream of buyers all day.

Lots of National Geographics!

Got home to find that all the Christmas Lillies had flowered at once! Beautiful smell in the lounge room and the  vase is so full! I remove the stamens so the yellow powder does not get everywhere.

I will be crafting this week - so will be putting up some photos.  I have just spent three days cleaning up my working area and rearranging things to fit a bit better. I have bags of off-cuts for a local primary school, and a New Years Resolution - do NOT keep scraps of cards and paper to the same extent! Lets see if it works! Thanks for following this ramble and keep safe with all the weather conditions in the world threatening life and limb. 


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your back. Busy busy time. Just read another blog - a quilt blog - who has the 2013 motto "use it or lose it" I think I am going to try that too - before I get swamped with fabric, paper and wool!
Looking forward to seeing your new creations.

Sue W said...

Good to see you back Susan! Your Sister's pictures took me right back to our move!!! I still have boxes to unpack after 9 months!!!!

Merry said...

Great photos Susan. The garage sale looks like a huge success. That would have been a huge job packing up 50 years of house gear. Isn't that amazing that they cut a tunnel through that rock. Those lillies are stunning.

Tami said...

I find it interesting that you have yard sales in Australia. I thought it just an American thing:)