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Monday, March 18, 2013

More Quilling for Unstampabelles

I had another go at quilling - don't really think it is my forte! However, I had another great tutorial from a magazine and thought I could make a tag at least. I die cut one using the SU Big Note and then quilled some flowers and stuck them down - saying it is a lot easier than doing it!

Ignore the leaf that is floating and the flower with the detached petals (top one)! 

I then made a little pot and popped it up over the stems, and added a punched  label with a Verve stamp sentiment to create a Thank You tag for a present. Yes, I forgot that you shouldn't use stamps for this challenge but it was floating on the desk and so I used it.  There are lots of great stickers out there (and in the stash) or run-ons that would have done the trick, but I used the stamped one by mistake.  I didn't realise until I was blogging and it was too late to change it then. Hopefully (ssshhhhh) Merry won't notice and I won't get into trouble - you won't tell, will you?

I then added a piece of ribbon that was a freebie from a mag and has been floating in the ribbon stash for a while. Another bit of old tat gone.

Simple and different.

If I can do this, you can have a go also and enter at
for March - Quilling! You cannot be worse than me and it can be quite addictive and fun.  You get a bit gluey but that's half the fun! There are plenty of tutorials out there - just put quilling tutorials into the search engine and up they pop!


Anonymous said...

Good on you for having a go. I must say this is one thing I'm not tempted to try. Bet it feels good to use up some of your stash!

Merry said...

Lol... Caught you out Susan. :-) do you I didn't notice anything floating until I read your post. I do like the style of these flowers.

JanR said...

Great tag! I love the design of it.