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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hand Operation

Many thanks for all the queries re my hand and it's healing. Here is an update. Stop here if you are squeemish.

Just to explain the hand thing

This is what I wear all day and night until next Tuesday hopefully - yes, that is a G and T in the background!

Unwrapped, the scar is healing nicely,and the swelling is mostly gone - thumb can only more the top joint now, although I can swing it from side to side (in and out) but not right into the hand yet.

Bruising still coming out and the swelling is going down - the two small 'cuts' are where they split the tendon and use half of it to tie the thumb back into the hand. 

Right hand was done 2 years ago and I have now got about 90 - 95% full use.  Hoping for 95%+ with the left. My right hand is missing an index finger as the result of a childhood accident and when I had the original op, I assumed it was a result of that - the thumb was overworked, etc.....but it turns out to be arthritis and just getting old. Bugger! So, crafting is both a joy and a therapy for me to keep the hands supple!


Sammy said...

Glad everything is healing nicely Susan! x

Shylaa Shree said...

Pls take good care and rest dear

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Hope you continue to heal and have the 95%+ use back soon.