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Monday, January 19, 2015

Another card for Unstampabelles Challenge

Well, we have just had a record (since records were first taken) downpour for Summer for a 24 hr period in Hobart, and the biggest since 1917 anyway! It rained! On the mountain it was over the 150 mm but we got 71mm around here - the temp was still about 20 though so it was muggy as well. 

Mosquito weather! Bugger - they like my blood! 

It stopped raining sometime last night, after drizzling all day yesterday after the downpour the night before, and the bay is a dirty brown colour from the runoff from all the dried up dirt etc. I can see some blue skies but only a little peeking through the clouds! It's supposed to be summer!! Our poor cherry growers have lost a lot of their crop and the stone fruit growers (yummy apricots and peaches) are also despondent but the apple growers say they can hear the apples growing! My tomatoes are not doing that well - only 4 so far! Enough grizzles! At least the flowers are enjoying the rain!

Begonias - the pink one is out but the yellow one is only just heading a flower.  The pink one has through out a leaf mould - not sure what to do about that!

 I am showcasing another card I made for the Challenge #43 at Unstampabelles for January.

The theme for January is

This is supposed to be Thanks! It is a die from SU and is raised up using dimentionals.

The twist is to showcase something out your window!

The prize is I will be offering a gift voucher to the value of $25 Aust on Stampin' Up products - please note this will include the postage to where-ever the winner lives as well!

Standing at my working desk  I look at this view all the time - that is the lamp in the middle!

When flicking through a magazine I purchased before Christmas and hadn't really studied, called Die Cutting Essentials from the stable of the, I came across an article called "5 quick tricks with ....... a tree die" by Jo Kill. (page 66) It inspired me to create the following in an attempt to recreate my view!

The layers of paper scraps are meant to represent the foreground, the water and then the hills in the background, in an arty type of way.......

I was going to stitch this all over the card but firstly it hid too much and secondly my hand held sewer purchased from the supermarket has a mind of its own and my hands cannot control its progress very well! So I cut off the left side and used it as a net curtain screen!

Why is my tree on the right not the left? It fell there! And picking it up and replacing it was not an option!! - so my view is sort of mirror imaged.

We get lots of birds in our garden - well, we did until the cats moved in next door - hopefully the birds will return soon in the numbers they were before - lots of little green finches!
All layered up onto some card to represent the curtains!

So, my picture outside my window number 3!

You too can look out and them make a card to represent what is outside the window
Enter it at Unstampabelles and remember
NO STAMPS please


Wynn Walton said...

Love the tree die cut Susan. Poor you all that rain sounds like what I call monsoon rain when we get a heavy downpour like that here. As you say ideal for the pesky mozzies which love me too but I react badly to them grrrrr
Your flowers seem to have enjoyed it tho.

Merry said...

What a lovely textured card, great layout. So glad to hear I am not the only one that accidentally places things in the wrong spot and moving is not an option especially when glue is involved.

Shylaa Shree said...

thats lovely card with tree die cut. i wish i could be there, the pictures of your surroundings inspiring me lot susan dear. love those begonias. In India, i haven't seen those flowers. i am die hard fan of flowers

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you can't do anything about the weather. Hope it changes soon. As for the mossies we used this great product while away Mos Repel bands about $10 for 2 works best if you have one on wrist and one on ankle. No bites and they like our blood too.

Great card. I can see your inspiration. You come up with the best non-stamping ideas.