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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

'Ware the March Hare!

I always loved the rabbit in Alice, running around with his big watch, claiming he was late all the time. It's how I feel most of the time, running later than I want and not quite catching up......

And here is March - and the first day of March is the day that a new challenge begins at Eclectic Ellapu - so I have to offer you my DT project for the Purple Teeam, a card this time from me, for the "Flora and Fauna" theme. This means you can create anything with flowers, plants and animals or all of them and enter the challenge!

We are having a DT call as well, so if you are interested,just go across and read what you need to do to apply! No experience necessary!

My contribution to the challenge is this very Aussie flora and fauna card......

Guess what this is!

some gum nuts and a leaf from the eucalyptus tree or as we call it, the gum tree!

The plant is know as the grass tree  or Xanthorrhoea and stands about shoulder high, with the 'flower' eventually breaking up into lots of puffy sections that float away in the breeze. The flower spike makes an idea fishing spear apparently. The seeds are germinated after fire.

The tree trunks are meant to be natives - ash perhaps. Through the trees is either a sunset or fire! I suggest in this instance it is a beautiful sunset.............created with Dylusional paint........

The sentiment is hand written and Cooee is a call made when you want your voice to tavel over vast distances. It is called with the COO first and the EEEE like a whip lash up and extended at the end of the call, The roo has heard a call is is ready to flee! Or perhaps there is a fire after all.....

Some leaf DP from SU and a green mount, with a white card blank used for all

I hope you go across to Eclectic Ellapu and see what else is there to inspire you, and then have a go at creating your own piece - you have a whole month!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A great Aussie card! Lovely of you to explain all the native bits and pieces for those who may not know. I hope it is a wonderful sunset and not a fire :)