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Monday, March 28, 2016

Who has a Bucket List?

A friend of mine has one and she is ticking off her list one by one, and adding some more to the bottom as she goes......

I sorta do - but it is not written down, it's in my head and it changes fairly often

As an Easter gift to another friend, I created a 
Bucket List booklet

where you can write down your list and any information you need to gather to fulfill it!

I started with on old Memo booklet of mine that had only five pages used in it - I tore them out

I liked the black binding so left that and simply added some pretty papers front and back - they are from SU, and are all in the same set.

I did the inside front page and a strip down the first page to disguise the fact that five pages were torn out. 

I added a pretty metal from, and a key and a bow.

My sentiment is created with sticker letters - the set only had one h - can you imagine that? 

I had to utilize a b to create my second h

It looks quite pretty and is small enough to lay ona bedside table or similar, or go inside a big bag.

Simple and quick and suits the theme and the twist
Meets all requirements, as it also provided me with a gift for a friend. 

There are only 5 days to go to enter this challenge #55  at 

Now you have got Easter over with and your tummy is full of sweetness, start creating!


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea. Bet your friend liked it. You always have such new ideas.
Hope you had a great Easter.
To answer your question I don't have a bucket list - just a to do list! and that is mostly in my head :)

Wynn Walton said...

What a great idea Susan and beautifully created......clever bunny xx Hope your backs a bit easier Wynn xxx