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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vintage Card for CWD

Hello Peeps!

Just found out that I have passed my third unit at Uni - Photography for Social Media. Feeling particularly good about this one as my skills with the camera were very rusty before I started. There are a few spots rubbed off now and I appreciate all those wonderful photographers out there much more!

We have had a real cold snap lately, and although the days are without rain (we need it again) it had been pretty bloody cold first thing in the morning. When I came across this photo, I had to share it - it shows exactly how cold it has been here this week as well as being an amazing photo!

WOW… Meander Falls froze again this weekend! Thanks to Ben for sharing his amazing adventure. 

In the heart of the Great Western Tiers is the magnificent Meander Falls, a large waterfall in the alpine regions of the Meander River  Located over 1000 metres above sea level, care needs to be taken to ensure the weather is suitable for the journey. Snow can occur all year round in the area, and hikers are advised to be well prepared for the walk. The walk commences from the Meander Falls car park area, where various different hikes can be taken to Meander Falls

This time at Crafting with Dragonflies, Hilde has asked for a Vintage Card. 

This was photographed in natural light at the end of a day

This was the same place but with a flash - the colours are richer and you can see the gold sparkle on the mounts, and hessian flowers but the bronze sequins look black

The lady is a DarkRoom Door chip - she looks quite sweet

That's my vintage for the week!!!!

You can enter over at 

The challenge is open for a fortnight

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